• Joseph Stalin

  • Adolf Hitler

60% 18 votes
40% 12 votes
  • He killed more and nearly caused WWIII

  • Obviously Stalin was worse. He killed thousands or millions of his own people.

  • The famine Adolf Hitler gave to the jews and other people was terrible. Stalin burned people in ovens (alive) sickening. . . . Both of them equally bad in the political sense, But what puts Hitler over Stalin is that Adolf Hitler did good art paintings

  • Adolf Hitler killed way more than Stalin. Most believe that Stalin killed 27 Million people during WII which is false as this count is actually his own Soviet Soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect the USSR. As where Hitler not only ordered countless attacks on Russian towns just as he did with the Jews Hitler ordered Death Camps to be built for Slavic, Blacks and many more types of people keep in mind Hitler didn't just kill Jews.

  • Hitler was the root cause of WW2 which led to the death of over 72 million people. Millions more suffered injury and tragedy, not to mention the damage of countless buildings, historical monuments, and economies.

  • Adolf Hitler created a horrible ideology that still survives to this day. He caused WW2 killing countless millions. The war itself also harmed and displaced millions more with his actions.

  • Stalin did nothing wrong

    Posted by: Madis
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ZachZimmey says2016-12-07T01:43:33.8143832Z
Can't we just agree that both were total jerks?
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2016-12-10T15:37:39.2654805Z
Let's just put this into perspective. Stalin during world war 2 lost about 26 million men. This is not a false account but is often viewed as such due to the fact that it is a modern estimation. In contrast, Hitler lost a whopping 8,000,000. But let's go ahead and say that all the deaths of WW2 were Hitler's fault, which personally I say that deaths during war time shouldn't be the fault of one person, but rather the circumstances that led to war (in this case the treaty of Versailles, Germany's sagging economy, and the downfall of the Kaiser.) But just for the sake of argument let's say WWII deaths were Hitler's fault. That's about 72million. Now to add on the 6 million Jews, about 78 million. Lastly, all the other discriminated people's and prisoners, another 5 million. Adds up to a total of 83 million. Now, for Stalin lets use JUST HIS losses. 26 million. Now let's add the grand total number Stalin had murdered via collective farming, resettlement, etc, etc. About 62 million. So this is about a total of 88 million. STILL more than Hitler WITH the WW2 deaths blamed on him. Without it, it's about 62 million for Stalin, and 11 million for Hitler.
ladiesman says2017-02-03T01:31:46.2080543Z
Although Stalin killed more people than Hitler did, the Nazis were much more open about their methods.

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