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Marcus Mariota-Oregon

Marcus Ardel Taulauniu Mariota, is an American football quarterback for the University of Oregon Ducks football team.
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Randy Gregory-Nebraska

Randy Gregory is an American football defensive end for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.
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Leonard Williams-Southern California

Leonard Williams is an American football defensive end for the USC Trojans.
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Zlehn says2014-12-03T23:19:32.8257470-06:00
Usually big dual-threat QBs aren't even the first QBs picked. The NFL usually looks at the ones that excel at drop-back passing but are able to run if they have to.
Zlehn says2014-12-03T23:26:08.2192710-06:00
I'd rather Gregory doesn't go to the draft this year, but I think that since Bo was fired he most likely will. I think he'll be drafted as a linebacker since he's smaller than most defensive linemen but he's still a beast though
123hi321 says2014-12-05T12:37:32.6296916-06:00
Kuhn the goon
123hi321 says2014-12-05T12:37:53.2677936-06:00
Or marcus mariota

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