• Hillary Clinton

  • Donald Trump

22% 9 votes
78% 31 votes
  • He's winning

  • Hillary's got a very slim chance of winning at this point.

  • I had no idea he was going to win but there is no way he loses now

  • why ppl? is america that stupid?!?!?

    Posted by: ca2005
  • I'm from the future, Trump wins

  • I'd rather have a racist prick than an unfair liar who's killed millions of people then continued to ask why it matters anymore at a presidential debate. I'd rather have someone who actually has the right to be running, than some witch who should be in prison.

    Posted by: ZColeB
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MWonderWolf says2016-11-09T05:41:59.2767348Z
@BlargArgNarg, SO TRUE!
RonPaulConservative says2016-11-09T08:05:20.1421768Z
Donald Trump just won you do know that?
reece says2016-11-09T08:14:24.4921576Z
The election was rigged XD
reece says2016-11-09T08:44:48.1438476Z
Trump rigged it.
jo154676 says2016-11-09T08:46:30.8393059Z
No hillary shot herself in the foot and the face
reece says2016-11-09T08:51:14.1683221Z
@jo154676 And the republican base nuked the world.
Politics2016 says2016-11-09T11:55:30.1217322Z
Crooked Hillary is gone.
Foxian says2016-11-09T14:20:27.9106869Z
I'm looking forward to seeing how Trump and Duterte will interact.
Mister_Man says2016-11-09T17:42:41.8400680Z
I was honestly expecting more crying liberals on this site, where do I go to find them?
reece says2016-11-09T17:46:22.1244933Z
@Mister_Man You do realize that's just propaganda?
Mister_Man says2016-11-09T17:51:14.2565527Z
@Reece - Crying liberals is just propaganda?
reece says2016-11-09T17:56:08.5790526Z
@Mister_Man The extent of emotional liberals is exaggerated. Yes, there's still a problem though.
jo154676 says2016-11-09T18:32:36.6334785Z
Its not really, ive seen plenty of examples of it
Overnight says2016-11-09T23:36:49.4333467Z
All those who assumed Hillary would win...Just took the biggest L ever. I have to say. I took one myself.
reece says2016-11-10T04:07:26.7242738Z
@jo154676 On YouTube I assume.
jo154676 says2017-01-16T20:38:39.4612525Z
@Reece no at my college, and my college wasnt the most liberal of institutions.

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