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  • we may not win but we will not give up easily.

    Posted by: scots
  • This could never, ever happen as they both form (along with Wales, and Northern Ireland) the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. However, to add in my two pennies: In a world where Scotland voted YES to independence on September 18th 2014, and successfully built it's Defence Force to what it wished it to be, then Scotland is within a shout. Here are my arguments. Counter-Argument to existing opposition: - A lot of people on England's side answer in a way that they believe England, and Scotland to be two different countries, as stated above this is wrong, so the military might of England, and Scotland can not be compared as they share the same military. This seemed to be the main argument. However, it can be measured very slightly, but hardly in England's favour. The most well renowned, and well respected regiments in the British Army are those of Scotland. Let's go by the term "England rules the Empire, and Scotland built it". Military & Economy: - Scotland would have kept the pound, thus meaning that Scotland would continue to contribute to the UK National debt, however, in the event of a Scotland, and England war, Scotland would halt the use of the pound thus meaning that England get the full brunt of the debt, on top of that England would no longer benefit from Scottish industries (Oil, and Whiskey to name two), this will leave a financial dent for England. Scotland, however, will flourish from these industries, and Scotland, since in this example Scotland halted the use of the pound, will be somewhat debt free. - Currently, thanks to the Conservatives approach of Austerity, the UK Armed Forces are being cut to the bone, in fact, any more cuts and the UK itself will have a Defence Force. This will not go well for England as the Conservative Government will clearly still have British troops getting involved in international conflicts despite having a small numbered Armed Forces. This simply means that England will wish to not have any issues with Scotland as it will need to worry about the likes of; Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Russia, Middle East, and of course it's own national security. Allies, and the likely outcome: - In this example we are going by Scotland only having a Defence Force, as planned to have if independence was won, so we can only assume that England is the aggressor. In this case, just as it would have been if vice versa, institutes such as the European Union, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation would condemn such actions, and more than likely, after trying countless number of times to resolve the issue at the table, provide military help for Scotland. Conclusion: In the current climate England would struggle with the loss of Scottish industries, and would rather a war with Scotland would not be the case, however, England would be the most likely to start a war given that Scotland's Armed Forces are for defence purposes only, and under these circumstances members of the EU, and NATO would more than likely offer military support, thus making an already difficult task impossible for England to achieve. Although, in a completely different, and more realistic conclusion (given Scotland voted NO) would be that the chances of such a war happening would NEVER happen, and both nations would continue to be united, and contribute to the UK Armed Forces, and fight alongside each other under one flag (the Union Flag). God bless our Scottish, English, Welsh, and Irish troops. They all do the UK proud every day.

  • England is far more powerful than Scotland.

  • England is way more powerful.

  • England, obviously. It has nuclear power, the most well and longest trained force in the world and the biggest military in Europe. There would never even be a war between Scotland and England, Scotland would just allow it's self to be annexed to protect it's economy, because Scotland depends on England for it's existence.

  • Bigger population, larger economy, easier ability to move troops. England would win hands down

    Posted by: JDuB
  • This should not even be a question

  • Her majesty The Queen will lead a glorious victory in the battle fields of Fife!

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A341 says2014-08-12T11:44:45.6240603-05:00
We've got yer nukes.
scots says2014-08-12T14:00:06.7034319-05:00
"For as long as one hundred of us shall remain alive, we shall never in any wise consent submit to the rule of the English, for it is not for glory we fight, nor riches, or for honour, but for freedom alone, which no good man loses but with his life." -Robert the Bruce
scots says2014-08-12T14:00:36.9992145-05:00
Scotland does not depend on the existence of England
jonathon.rockman345 says2014-08-12T15:05:08.3331581-05:00
Scotland only has their sheep. ;)
SweetTea says2014-08-12T15:11:07.0236213-05:00
Scots ... I hate to break this to you, hon, but SCOTLAND IS DEPENDENT ON ENGLAND! Being part of the UK strengthens your economy. Being part of the UK provides military protection that Scotland does not have. I'm impressed that you quoted Robert Bruce. But, if Bruce lived today, he'd be cozy with the British crown. Wars are not fought today as they were, in his time. And I will add this ... Part of the UK's strength comes from the combined Commonwealth (incl. Scotland). Still, if Scotland goes it alone -- ouch! The departure will be a mere ripple on the ocean, for the UK.
scots says2014-08-12T15:57:13.8181091-05:00
Aye it does but strengthen us but we do not need England to survive as a nation, I doubt Bruce would do that if he lived today
Shield says2014-08-12T16:17:14.2277777-05:00
@sweettea: how can one be so supportive of monarchy? How can you belittle a people for wanting freedom and desiring a republican form of government? Scotland is suppressed by the hegemony which is england and thus loses its voice. Scotland deserves to be free from English glutonny.

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