• Donald Trump

  • Joe Biden

71% 17 votes
29% 7 votes
  • Incumbency advantage, Lack of enthusiasm for Biden, Presence of civil unrest. All the cards play in Trump’s favor.

  • The better platform.

  • It is a moot question until we see the definite candidates If it will be Trump vs Biden, It would be close, But a Trump victory nonetheless.

  • Joe Biden is a pedophile. https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=FHL6kAm-tKM ^ This isn't on the original channel that it was uploaded to because it is a conservative channel and the original result doesn't come up anywhere near the top in Youtube even if you type the exact name of the video and the uploaded. All the result of Youtube anti-right wing censorship.

  • I am 99% sure that Trump will win the 2020 election. Overall, He has generated much more support than Biden has. Even though the polls don't look too great for Trump, It was the same in 2016. And Trump still won!

  • Despite bias media, Donald Trump has the a proven track record for taking effective action to support the black community and veterans. He is a tell the truth and get things done guy. He is an optimist with a record for success. Biden has been a career politician that has had no successes relevant to this countries most pressing issues. He clearly has residual effects from his aneurysm with some degree of cognition loss.

  • Biden just seems to be a "yes" man for the Democrats and liberals. People are sick and tired of the rioting and unrest from the left.

  • If you look at the current number of electoral college votes Biden is projecting, It's clear that he's performing better than any candidate in 20 years. It's obvious.

  • Trump has so many issues now! His coronavirus actions are the worst of the world! He said its getting better even though there are 100thousands of cases!

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