• Kevin Rudd

  • Tony Abbott

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  • cuz people r so tired of labor

  • although this guy loves to bend people over and rear end them, he'll win anyway.. for some reason we Aussies vote for him even though all the bad things he's done, and how money hungry he is, and loves to rip people of there jobs, which means money, which leads to poor support of families and their kids, the only way your safe is if back when you didn't need to finish year 12, or go to uni/collage, you could succeed a lot in life, you chose to finish yr 12, and do collage or uni, and he cut the income on old people, what an @$$

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passthesugar05 says2013-09-04T06:13:18.7302828-05:00
The question shouldn't be who will, but who should.
CookiesDelight says2014-05-29T00:25:49.4601773-05:00
Who should? Kevin rudd, he is much better the tony, but in the end, tony will win -_-

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