Who will win the presidency

Posted by: Mrpresident16

Who will win the presidency

18 Total Votes

Donald Trump

13 votes

Hiliary clinton

5 votes
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HockeyGod22 says2016-11-01T15:25:26.0191480Z
Gary Johnson
HockeyGod22 says2016-11-01T15:26:20.6662983Z
I hope :'(
Mrpresident16 says2016-11-01T17:09:56.0502508Z
Lol be realistic.
lydiaaf says2016-11-01T17:27:31.6857071Z
I hope neither.
KadeDaBabe says2016-11-01T19:46:10.1114300Z
Gary Johnson is an idiot
seelinat000 says2016-11-06T16:26:00.0886376Z
chazzerz17 says2016-11-07T19:01:29.6262746Z
@seelinat000 you forgot "For Prison" in your statement

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