Who won the Presidential debate; 9/26/16.

Poll closed on 9/29/2016 at 3:00PM.
67 Total Votes

Hillary R. Clinton

American politician and the nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States in the 2016 election.
33 votes

Donald J. Trump

American business mogul, politician and the nominee of the Republican Party for President of the United States in the 2016 election.
32 votes

Both Candidates (Tie)

2 votes
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ThugLifeCarlo says2016-09-27T02:48:03.8221383Z
Trump explained why things are going wrong and Clinton just responded with "We're doing our best." Clinton focused on attacking Trump's comments while Trump focused on attacking Clinton's policy. I don't really care for character attacks so I believe Trump won.
Skeptical1 says2016-09-27T03:12:07.3167964Z
What I'd like to see is how many a) how many people would feel inclined to change their vote based on what they heard during this debate (and who was their previous and is now their current choice), and b) how many think their preferred candidate lost the debate?
daley says2016-09-27T04:38:49.0276609Z
The Obama administration had 8 years to implement Hillary's ideas, so if they are so good, why don't we see the big results she promises? If they haven't been implemented, then does Obama disagree with her ideas? Trump showed the inequality in how trade is done, where other countries tax America for imports but America doesn't tax them.
TheJuniorVarsityNovice says2016-09-27T07:32:22.3995142Z
Trump beat her on the intro question but that was his only strong point. It was funny how many false statements he makes and how childishly angry he gets. Half of the time he didn't answer the question, as usual and the amount of faulty logic he uses makes me question how good of debaters some of the other voters really are. In the end Im pretty sure most people just stuck with who they chose but in terms of performance Hilary was on message, coherent and refuted most of Trumps faulty logic.
TheJuniorVarsityNovice says2016-09-27T07:37:11.0830657Z
@daley That's all he talks about , trade and building a wall. On everything else, like the middle east he a complete disaster. He doens't even have a plan to fight ISIS
Snugent433 says2016-09-27T09:23:26.2264182Z
Trump= prick
Perussi says2016-09-27T12:04:30.1295659Z
Did you really just copy and paste your vote comments?
Perussi says2016-09-27T12:13:12.1713123Z
He always has a plan. Did you notice how he prepared for everything? You can tell by the way he responds. Hillary sounds professional and poetic but Trump sounds realistic. And almost all of you are basing your beliefs on opinion. And note that Trump supporters are the most mature since there were only riots at Trump rallies.
changesociety says2016-09-27T13:15:16.6739597Z
None.. I vote that this country needs Jesus more than ever and we ourselves need to wake up and do something to make a change.
Fernyx says2016-09-27T13:26:31.0563101Z
Both did equally awful. If Trump was anyone near smart he could have destroyed her for things such as Benghazi and The Clinton Foundation, but he is just as stupid as her.
Perussi says2016-09-27T13:28:18.4024630Z
First of all, we need one of these candidates. Second, complaining isn't productive in any way.
ReconMarine1962 says2016-09-27T15:31:17.3131624Z
I do not like either Candidate, but he showed up as the same arrogant, egotistical person he has been in every debate. The Benghazi Butcher however, showed up as a different LIAR, in the same pants suit and ugly face of deceit..
logicalgambino says2016-09-28T02:37:14.2735536Z
Think about this. Last night Secretary Clinton called Trump racist, sexist, and crazy. He called her Secretary Clinton.

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