Who would be a better president: Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio?

Posted by: NothingSpecial99

  • Marco Rubio

  • Ted Cruz

55% 18 votes
45% 15 votes
  • By a small margin.

  • Both are terrible, but Rubio is more dangerous.

  • I have a bit more respect for Cruz, especially considering Rubio's plans for excessive military expansion.

  • te cruz and marco rubio are great canidates but te cruz actulay show up to more senate time

  • I don't really like Ted Cruz, but Marco is too big on citizen surveillance

  • Cruz's conservative values and beliefs are clearly better for the GOP/Republican Party. Cruz's stance on abortion, immigration, health care (to name a few) simply represent the Republican Party to the maximum.

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NothingSpecial99 says2016-02-24T16:38:46.4635609Z
Marco's record in the Senate makes me believe he is all talk and no action
Plasmawipes says2016-02-24T17:06:46.5728009Z
Neither Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that will stand for the people. He is the only candidate that isn't owned by the Billionaires.
PunnyPenguin says2016-02-24T17:22:15.4651553Z
Plasmawipes I disagree he has no proven record to have helped his party or anything he has stood for. John Kasich focuses on the positives and has positive solutions for the problems in our world.
snkcake666 says2016-02-24T19:23:06.1659673Z
@Plasmawipes Perhaps if he were a capitalist. Otherwise, then no.
Heterodox says2016-02-25T04:34:05.9774575Z
Ya know, I think this election is actually one of the funniest. Both sides has the establishment going, "oh shit look what we did. I guess we been screwing them too hard. " Sanders on one side and Trump on the other, it's so funny. Rubio and Cruz, both seem so fake...Like Hillary. Don't think we'll be seeing the three of them down the road and I say, "good riddance".

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