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Reeseroni says2015-03-30T18:14:14.1257003-05:00
Not sure I understand? Is "Juggle" a person or just a sport? If it is a sport, it is not an actual person, therefore how could it run DDO?
Wylted says2015-03-30T18:16:43.5950489-05:00
Juggle I is actually the name of the corporation that owns DDO
UtherPenguin says2015-03-30T18:39:45.1283933-05:00
Negroid would be the best president.
TBR says2015-03-30T18:40:51.3121731-05:00
I have no interest in managing public-facing websites. Just a headache. I have been looking at some of this "moderator flap" recently. I don't know if they are a problem or not, but if that's whats driving this question, I am interested in some of the comments. Keep in mind that "managing the site" is much more than what the moderators are up to.
Kreakin says2015-03-30T20:20:55.7437639-05:00
Someone said that they are a subsiduary of the CIA/NSA and use the site to profile potential radical thinkers.
Kreakin says2015-03-30T20:22:18.2667059-05:00
I think it was Snowden...
Wylted says2015-03-30T20:28:52.4892517-05:00
Kreakin, it is funny you mention that. If you cold post me any links to evidence of that, no matter how sketchy it will help me in my investigation to blow the doors wide off this thing.
Kreakin says2015-03-30T20:34:29.9753249-05:00
Can I trust you???
Wylted says2015-03-30T20:35:35.5412843-05:00
Yes PM me. This is such a coincidence I was in the process of attempting to unravel this. I have some theories to bounce off of you.
mishapqueen says2015-03-30T22:33:31.8913607-05:00
lannan13 says2015-05-22T13:15:33.7415244-05:00
LOL at this poll.

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