Who would win a war in the far east?

Posted by: biggest_pro_going

China, North Korea vs South Korea,Tiwan and Japan. This is excluding any allies of the countries.

  • China And North Korea

  • Japan,Taiwan and South Korea

42% 13 votes
58% 18 votes
  • In the bounds set by the creator of this poll (meaning no allies), you have 1.5 nuclear armed nations against 3 non-nuclear nations. In conventional weapons both sides would be fairly even, but nukes put China on top.

  • Nukes Duh...... China could use Taiwan pre-invasion task force to attack taiwan then NK nukes SK and China Nukes Japan Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Japan, Taiwan and South Korea can't win if they don't have America on their side.

  • This is because China itself is a superpower, and with the help of North Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea do not stand a chance.

  • China would likely invade Japan in an effort to quickly knock it out of the war. Taiwan and Korea would likely fall, but China and N Korea would not be able to invade the island of Japan. It would retrigger Japanese radicalism and they would no doubt genocide against China and Korea using their air supremacy to weaken China and a direct naval invasion of N Korea to cripple it's lines in the South resulting in a long, brutal but more importantly a glorious victory on the behalf of the coalition

  • North Korean army sucks, but not Chinese, although, Japanese have improved weaponry, so does South Korea, and Taiwan is a separate colony, and they don't support China. So why not pick Japan and the others rather than Communism? Japan and South Korea are willing to protect Taiwan and besides, even Taiwan could completely destroy China.

  • China would definitely win but I could never vote for communists.

  • The US would intervene on their side.

  • Well, first and most thing, Japan has one of the most technologically advanced military in the world. The moment a plane takes off from China, Japan knows. South Korea has already won a war, they could do it again. The only issue here is that none of these countries actually get along.

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blorance says2015-05-01T09:39:27.0804475-05:00
Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are all important resources to the United States of America. With this in mind, one could see that the United States has the assumed "most powerful army in the world." Capitalist politicians would keep this in mind and call for action against the waring countries that the United States would supply aid, and help fight the front in the East. No matter if China enters the war, the United States is interested in making capita from these countries and would not let them fall in the hands of the opposition and the rising China to be a superpower in the world.
biggest_pro_going says2015-05-01T09:42:15.4831993-05:00
Did u read the description? Yes i know the US would get involved (its the us) but in this poll i have said it does not.
CommunistDog says2015-05-01T09:46:33.7545126-05:00
Recently, Japan has made revolutionary discoveries with technology and warfare. They've invented drones. In fact, a popular one that was given to the public was a small hovering drone that would fly around its owner and, if there was a dangerous gas, the drone would filter it to create oxygen.
biggest_pro_going says2015-05-01T10:45:20.4675313-05:00
The thing is China and North Korea both have nuclear bombs so they would certainly win.
CommunistDog says2015-05-01T10:52:02.3820796-05:00
The North Korean "nuclear bomb" was never tested. Thus, it might result in a failure and not detonate.
biggest_pro_going says2015-05-01T10:52:53.9965457-05:00
Maybe but its still a maybe
biggest_pro_going says2015-05-01T10:53:12.8415873-05:00
And china has over 200
Daktoria says2015-05-01T10:56:55.4876417-05:00
China has nukes. Japan has... Gundams?
CommunistDog says2015-05-01T11:01:19.8018303-05:00
How would China transport those nuclear warheads? Japan has extremely advanced anti-air turret/missile.
CommunistDog says2015-05-01T11:07:29.7006668-05:00
Annual number of people available for Japan's army: over 50 million. China's army: over 5 million If there was ever a draft, Japan would have massive amounts of militants over China.
dbushwacker says2015-05-01T11:13:24.7743247-05:00
You can't say that China or N Korea would win just cause they have nukes. If one nation uses nukes now, we all lose no matter whomever allies don't aide in the conflict. If the U.S. saw any warhead on its radar and it looked to be heading their way, even if it was actually meant for Japan, we would instantly retaliate. But I doubt that either side would win in a war, one side has manpower and the other has technological advancement. In order to win this war there would have to be a land war in either Japan and China and both would have brutal resistance and result in a stalemate.
biggest_pro_going says2015-05-01T12:02:01.5593189-05:00
People READ your beloved US is NOT in this so if China used nuclear bombs no one else could do anything about it. I like Japan more than China BUT the facts are China has more men, tanks better air force and navy. YES japan is more advanced but it is so outnumbered it stands no chance. Its not like China's only advantage is man power it has better everything and a bigger economy.
dbushwacker says2015-05-01T13:24:53.8185610-05:00
No, it cannot use nuclear weapons because you cannot say that people won't care if they use nukes. I'm not saying the US will help, I was just saying that you also can't count nuclear warfare as a plus, it kills everything and the fallout would ruin China's agriculture and genetics for millions of years. And I don't know where you came up with better navy or air force, cause China's navy is composed of WW2 battleships that they bought off of Norweign and their air force is pathetic even in comparison to their ally Russia and their Flankers, Japan uses Mitsubishi F-2's, 15J's, and 15DJ's all with a closer design to American craft. China uses the Shenyang J's, modern craft but no where near the advancement of the Japanese. Now I can give you tanks and men, I don't dispute that, but they will not be able to break the Japanese spirit and sea or air so they will have to brave an invasion by sea and the strength is armor and men will be severely handicapped and probably crushed before they could even land. And with the economy, well, even if Japans allies do not battle directly. The U.N. will declare sanctions and the U.S., China's greatest trade partner, will abandon the its deals in retaliation and what wealth it has will be ruined. Now you tell me, what would China have to do to win a war against Japan, and don't be a child and just say "they have nukes."
biggest_pro_going says2015-05-01T14:57:42.8126340-05:00
You were saying the US would nuke china so yes you are saying it would help. What! If China nukes Japan the crops would not fail in China nukes are not that big. Millions of years? Do you know how long your average nuclear bomb lasts about 100 years. Again there is no UN in this! There is no US in this! I know it would not happen in real life but its just a scenario! Please stop adding the US into this it has nothing to do with it in this scenario. Even with out nuclear bombs If you got all china's Planes/Choppers and counted up the total amount and done the same with Japan and then timed the Japanese number by 5 China would still win. That is saying Japanese planes are 5 times better! Japan has quality and China has quantity you are right BUT China has so much more Japan cant keep up i mean China is commonly Ranked 3rd in Strongest armies while Japan is ranked around 10th.
evolutioniscrushed says2015-05-01T15:06:48.2188347-05:00
US gets involved in all wars with allies.
evolutioniscrushed says2015-05-01T15:08:06.5096427-05:00
Japan has lasers so they can just cut all the people of North Korea
evolutioniscrushed says2015-05-01T15:10:48.5854895-05:00
And the world is about to come to an end, so there's no hope in millions of years.
58539672 says2015-05-01T15:35:13.6059764-05:00
Let me just clarify something that I see people making about nukes. The idea that we have enough nukes to destroy the world is a bit of a dramatization. Since their creation, 1872 nuclear warheads have been detonated, with varying degrees in megatons. Their have been little to no side effects to the planet from these detonations. When they say that nukes can destroy the world, they mean that we have enough of them to destroy ever major population center (cities) in the major world powers, not that the world as a whole will become uninhabitable. So China, for instance, can launch all their warheads at Japan and have little to no side effects for China itself.
biggest_pro_going says2015-05-01T16:03:50.6000192-05:00
58539672 that is exactly what i am saying
dbushwacker says2015-05-01T17:02:25.3925449-05:00
You're right 58539672, I just used a simulator and even a Tsar Bomb's fallout wouldn't reach China, for that I retract the statement about the nuclear side effect. Here, check it out http://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/ But I did find that elements in nuclear weapons such as Cesium - 137 has a half life of 32 years and therefor takes hundreds of years to dissipate; and the radiation in the fuel itself can last for Thousands of years. So no, not 100. But you're saying the U.S. wouldn't fire nukes just because you say they wouldn't in which you are terribly wrong, but I will forget the U.S. once I emphasize that a war against Japan or South Korea would incur global sanctions and the U.S. would at the very least lend-lease whatever it took for the Far Eastern theater to remain autonomous of China and N Korea. But, now forgetting the U.S. entirely because of you childish preference to ignore reality, it doesn't matter how many men or planes you have but rather how you use them. Ask Czar Alexander of Russia whom held off Napoleon Bonaparte's army because he underestimated Russia and the value of the stratagem necessary during the winter months; or if you'd like more recently think of the Battle of Britain where the RAF held off overwhelming odds of the Luftwaffe with little more than skill alone, or even more recent during the Gulf War when Iraq's manpower and armored advantage that had won itself a place in the top ten capitulated under the pressure of the more modern and smaller coalition. But despite my seemingly preference to support the underdog, I'd still expect a stalemate, whether China decides to nuke and invade the island or not resistance and attrition from the barren wasteland left by the attack will be high; and despite the destruction, Japan would not just condone a naval invasion of their island without a fight.
dbushwacker says2015-05-01T20:00:11.3272859-05:00
Actually 58539672, I just actually figured out that simulator and if we did fire our modern ICBM's with 100 Megatons that the fallout radius would be really significant with rads peaking at nearly 1000 rads per hour in the worst area and 100 rads in a even larger radius; with, what, 10 rads being the max that a human body can sustain . So actually, if we did fire all ICBMs that the world would get really uninhabitable. Use the simulator, type in a 100000 kiloton bomb or use a designated Tsar Bomb at the equivalent 100 Megatons as well, detonated air burst at the standard 15,000 ft on whatever location you choose and tell me that that is dramatized. Doesn't matter where you decide to detonate it, times that by however many ICBMs there are in the global stock and let's say they hit every significant location and then some and it will really, really look uninhabitable.
biggest_pro_going says2015-05-02T05:30:33.3236300-05:00
A nuked Japan could not do much to China. If Tokyo got nuked Japan would surrender this is not WW2.
biggest_pro_going says2015-05-02T05:32:10.2819742-05:00
Remember in this simulation we are not taking into account any actions of ANY other country in the world. Even with out nuclear bombs China would win.
blorance says2015-05-02T09:03:37.2639454-05:00
Biggest pro going: if you are to make a post about war, you clearly forgot the u.S will be mentioned. Sorry but the U.S. Is the military police of the world and will intervene to prevent global damages. Don't forget the U.S. Citizens work in these countries so it becomes very likely to see US military
CommunistDog says2015-05-02T09:05:43.0427139-05:00
The U.S. intervened in World War Two when there were acts of aggression directly AT the U.S. If the countries don't attack America, it will probably not intervene. In fact, at the time, the President knew about Nazis and how they had concentration camps, yet they still did not plan on getting involved in the war.
dbushwacker says2015-05-02T12:11:14.6950517-05:00
That was back before the American populace's opinion meant something to the executive elite, today though the federal government has learned that by policing foreign activity that they could get a valuable hand in foreign resources and government. By controlling and supporting a nation like Japan, the U.S. has a perfect step stone of which to maintain influence in the Pacific and a strong arm against its rivals China and Korea coincidentally. While direct attacks are more recorded in histories by the common populace and are made to be the significant events in American history, we have seen in today's policies that the U.S. will lash out at any foe that threatens its economic and military policies.
dbushwacker says2015-05-02T12:33:29.6011104-05:00
And biggest_pro_going, if you think that Japan won't retaliate with brutal determination after being nuked, ask Yourself what would you do were your own nation be nuked. You'd be enraged, you'd think of the lives lost and the land ruined and you'd want blood in vengeance; you'd begin to think to yourself all the terrible and nasty things you'd do to Korean or a China man, and just how to do it. WW2, was totally different, but even when the atom bomb fell and the imperial leadership sought to surrender the people still prepared to defend its lands even in the face of total annihilation. But that aside, why would China nuke Japan anyways - just to win - that's the stupidest idea I've ever heard; no one just nukes a place to win that's resources, strategic location, and future lives that could come of use in later conflict that would all be ruined. What's to say then that China wouldn't nuke South Korea, then uniting the Koreas would be futile and useless. I told you a while back don't be a child and say they'd use nukes, its stupid and pointless and no one in their right minds would do it, if you're saying that the master economists and mighty power that is China would be so stupid to take such measures as to nuke such a precious location then their future is truly doomed.
biggest_pro_going says2015-05-02T13:38:45.9221190-05:00
I KNOW AMERICA WOULD INTERVENE it does so in like every conflict but in this scenario the US. The US does NOT GET INVOLVED except that please. This WAR IS NOT REAL no country cares about what it gets after the war in this scenario. Its Just they have a war for the sake of this poll. Most of all stop involving the US. On another note yes Japanese people would be very angry if they got nuked but they would have been nuked... But they would be nuked. If I shot you in the head, you would be pretty angry with me but you couldn't really do anything about it could you.
CommunistDog says2015-05-02T13:52:52.9532482-05:00
America did not intervene in the Darfurian genocide. It claimed over 500,000 lives since 2003. 2 million have been displaced. 3 million are still at risk. The only people standing between the citizens and the aggressors are the Nigerian army. Yet, they go without supplies most of the time. The genocide still goes on and yet, no responses from America.
CommunistDog says2015-05-02T13:56:58.0453204-05:00
The Japanese possess strong and heavy anti-air weapons. They can shoot down a nuclear missile carrier even before it leaves the ship. Obviously, the ship would be high up so it goes nowhere near the blast radius. Thus, the missile would most likely inflict little or no damage towards Japan. As an act of aggression towards Japan, Japan would gear up, (as I said before) acquire a military far more than China, and raid the aggressor(s). Most likely, they would use the tactic known as Blitzkrieg (a tactic used by the Nazis to invade countries extremely fast, giving the enemy little time to prepare) and would most likely win.
58539672 says2015-05-02T16:19:24.8404170-05:00
@CommunistDog Any defense system can be saturated to the point of breaking. Japan does have one of the most advanced anti-missile systems in the world (the US has made sure of that). The Israeli Iron Dome and the US defense grid is the only other systems in the world that can actually match it. But even these systems can't guarantee 100% protection. Throw enough missiles at it (preferably a mix of conventional and nuclear to increase the likelihood of a nuclear one getting through) and it will break.
CommunistDog says2015-05-02T16:31:03.5194506-05:00
That does not mean the anti-air systems are deemed worthless. It would definitely take out any nuclear bombs before reaching its breaking point. Additionally, Japan has reached a time of extreme inventing and technological growth. Sure enough, at the tiniest threat of war, people will improve weapons and make new weapons that can sure enough, protect the homeland.
58539672 says2015-05-02T16:54:06.9139862-05:00
Japans defense system is not worthless. But it is also not impenetrable. If China launches, say 100 nukes, by themselves, then Japan can easily intercept all those missiles with relative ease. BUT if China launches 100 nukes and 10,000 conventional missiles, the likely hood of Japan both finding and eliminating those nuclear warheads goes down considerably. They will get most of the missiles, but some will get through (How many of those that are nuclear is left completely up to chance). But if even one makes its way past the system, millions will die. If none make it through, then you launch a second wave and see if China's luck is better this time around. That is how break an antimissile system.
biggest_pro_going says2015-05-02T17:46:14.3796814-05:00
I dough Japan could take out over 200 ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads.
CommunistDog says2015-05-02T17:59:28.1444559-05:00
How would China have the amount of military funding, voluntary militants, and vehicles to transport these bombs? Also, in my opinion, launching such an attack would be hopeless. Most likely, one transport gets blown up, the other transports explode (being close enough to the eliminated transport), and Japan is saved!
58539672 says2015-05-02T18:51:53.3930428-05:00
@CommunistDog In order to attack Japan, China would need medium range ballistic missiles (which they have). These are much smaller and cheaper than the standard long range ICBM's that the US and Russia use. China has the money, factories, and manpower to build a large amount of these missiles (enough to complete the operation that I described above). These missiles are launched from a variety of platforms, be it land based vehicles, silos, ships, etc. This kind of bombardment will be coming from countless locations across China (Im not familiar with their exact armament placement). Even if one launch site is destroyed, several others will still be useful (as a side note, antimissile defense systems work by using radar/lidar to locate an incoming missile, track it, and send a counter missile to destroy it. Since Radar/Lidar can't accurately track something that is too close to the earths surface, the missile will have to gain altitude before it can even be spotted. So, no one can simple shoot a missile as soon as it leaves the ground. It has to travel several thousand meters before it is spotted and an even longer time is need to hit it with a counter missile. By this point the missile is half way to its destination.) Also nukes do not detonate if they are hit with an explosive (that would be a major design flaw). You can shoot it, blow it up with C4, set it on fire, or shoot it down with a counter missile and it will NOT detonate. Their remarkably safe weapons.
CommunistDog says2015-05-03T17:56:51.2745573-05:00
Nukes detonate when they hit a fairly hard surface. If one could send a missile at the nuclear warhead hard enough, would detonate. Your reasoning as to why it would not detonate does not take out the idea entirely. Your reasoning makes it seem like anything but the ground won't detonate the bomb.
CyberConor says2015-05-03T18:34:18.5366658-05:00
America will intervene if Korea or Japan are attacked, not sure about taiwan, but I would hope so. They did with the korean war, and japan's only defense is American's defense
CommunistDog says2015-05-03T20:34:45.2760173-05:00
Actually, Japan ALSO possesses advanced defense weapons.
58539672 says2015-05-03T21:19:35.5388701-05:00
@CommunistDog Nuclear weapons don't arm themselves until shortly before they hit the target (few hundred meters). Given the speeds that these missiles can reach, the ground is the only thing that will detonate it. Even if it was armed, the detonation process is extremely complicated and must be carried out with precision. Modern fusion bombs require a fission reaction to get going. Even if a counter missile hit it in its final phase, it would still just be a conventional explosion with tiny bits a radioactive material. These weapons were designed to be safe to handle and fire. It would be a major design flaw if it had even the slightest possibility of detonating before it reached its target.
biggest_pro_going says2015-05-04T03:39:03.2476712-05:00
Please i know you love it but stop talking about the US. Its not in this.
dbushwacker says2015-05-04T08:29:41.6533884-05:00
XD lol, it just can't be done Biggest_Pro, by excluding the allies you've unknowingly caused a debate of whether the U.S. would actually abandon its ally. I know you don't want it, but apparently people keep saying it.

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