• Batman

  • Iron Man

46% 31 votes
54% 36 votes
  • Batman. Cuz he's Batman.

  • ^I agree with both previous Comments!

  • Batman has beaten superman on more than one occasion. And if he can beat the man of steel he would destroy iron man.

  • Think of it this way, iron man's suit is electronically powered (the arc reactor runs on self sustaining electrical energy). Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, who could definitely acquire an EMP device to disable iron man's suit. Therefore defeating iron man.

  • Batman is the smartest and toughest hero ever, and that's before he brings in all his partners, vehicles, and gadgets!

  • One shot from Batman's disruptor and Iron Man becomes a fancy-looking, very expensive, immobile 250-pound piece of humanoid-shaped metal. Btw immobile because I'm pretty sure Tony Stark's muscle strength is close to zero.

    Posted by: Jay-D
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Nitromification says2014-09-04T09:58:52.2325917-05:00
The arguments against Iron Man are ridiculous. Because he's the Batman? EMPs? Because a genius superhero who's powers are based on electronics wouldn't think of that? Iron Man's suit has been resistant to EMPs for a long time. Iron Man is stronger, faster, smarter and more willing to use lethal force. His suit's shields take nukes at 2%. By the way Batman has never beaten Superman canonically, and even then Superman was weakened and wasn't even willing to fight.
TheSymbiote says2014-10-22T15:03:08.6423050-05:00
Wow the batman side are retards. Iron man has taken a nuclear blast without having a scratch. Batman has lost soooooo many times. His H2H is no match to Connor Hawke, Shiva, Bane, Raj a Gul, do I have to keep going? Batman would his ass beat!!!!!! EMPS do not affect Iron Man!!!
pat9110 says2017-02-23T15:20:58.6338285Z
Superior iron man is not effected by emps and would wreck puny bat
Topdog657 says2019-01-10T15:25:15.5304138Z
Ironman would destroy Batman he's faster smarter and technology more advanced
BatmanoftheJLA says2020-08-11T07:05:06.4494544Z
Your arguments are hypocritical nitronotification. First off, Batman has tons more training and is way more cooler than ironman. Ironman is nothing but a poser and can't even fight Captain America. Batman became what he is from true tragedy. Tony though? Nah. He just does it for shits and giggles. Hell bat suit can destroy any iron shit suit. Any of you mad stanboys can go suck tony's dick because that is what you are, You filthy angry snowflakes. Batman doesn't simply win because he's Batman, He wins because he doesn't only rely on his tech, He relies on his mind, And he is overall a better superhero than iron man is. Ironman only cares about himself and would as soon not sacrifice himself for others without expecting ppl to pay attention. While Batman would give his life and would expect nothing in return. The difference between Batman and Ironman is, Batman is selfless, More charming and much more the genius. Ironman is not invincible nor is he unbeatable. Just because he makes suits, Doesn't mean he wins. Batman has cooler friends who are people, Not machines. Tony created ultron who nearly destroyed everyone. Tony is no genius, He is the biggest self centered idiot in the entire marvel universe. "Take off the suit and what are you? "- Cap to tony It was specifically hilarious to see tony getting destroyed by Thanos, Even in his most upgraded armor. While Batman has beaten Darkseid and the entire Justice League. Batman would win no doubt and ironman would be stomped. The Hellbat suit beats every weak suit tony has ever made. Batman is the genius. Tony is the dumbass. Your arguments are invalid stanboys. Deal with it or cry me a river because you lost.
BatmanoftheJLA says2020-08-11T07:06:05.7762544Z
The ironman side are a bunch of retards and symbiote is weak af.
natcan says2020-10-22T15:37:15.9431789Z
Iron man stomps
natcan says2020-10-22T15:38:12.4931789Z
I would debunk the *cough* fail arguments, But I already did and it didn't send through. And i'm not doing that again
MsheenGunn87 says2021-02-18T16:25:44.8517296Z
Tony Starks Mark 85 suit would flatten Batman. The suit can adjust to any situation and Batman is no match for that. Need I mention the Hulkbuster suit?

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