Who would win, fire or ice?

Posted by: HiJackedGaming

Two friends were arguing. Give your reason why.

  • Fire

  • Ice

41% 24 votes
59% 35 votes
  • Coolness has a limit of 0 Kelvin. Heat just doesn't have a limit. So no matter how much ice gets thrown, all I have to do is increase the heat. Ice turns to water? Fire could turn it to steam. With an unlimited energy supply against a maximized cool ice( by which I mean the ice is at zero degrees kelvin), fire has the potential to burn ice. >:)

  • If you have the same amount of ice and fire, fire would win because ice has a bigger mass than water (water expands as it freezes). The fire would turn the ice to water, then water to gas/steam.

  • I dunno. Try it in real life. Light a fire in a fireplace or something and throw an ice cube in it, and see what happens. I think the ice would melt. Call me crazy, but I think that would happen. Now people might say that ice will melt into water then put out the fire. Well, that would only mean the water won, not the ice.

  • I chose fire because fire can always melt ice. I don't think ice can freeze fire.

  • well fire can be as much as a blue hyper giant which is 50.000 degrees Celsius, and ice can only get to 458 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 272 degrees Celsius). But fire can reach unlimited potential which as ice can only go so far

  • Well, it's obvious that fire can beat ice since fire can MELT ice. Even though a ice person freezes a fire person, it doesn't mean the fire person lost. The fire person can melt the ice person who froze him.

  • Because there are many different types of fire, each hotter than the last, all strong enough to shatter, ice not melt although ice can melt I personally think that's too slow, so I prefer to shatter it.

  • Ice would win with the same energy level and input. Fire would require sustainability with a constant source of fire. It would require more energy for fire to melt down ice. For a more instantaneous defeat for ice, it would require a blast of really high temperatures for fire to melt ice instantaneously without a constant fuel for fire. Fire also needs fuel to continue to burn, unlike ice, that will melt very slowly in room temperature. Since fire is also not technically matter, it requires a constant heat source like I said above. So that is the many points of why ice has the advantage over fire. Fire needs a constant fuel, constant sustainability from a source, and ice takes long to melt. Try timing how long it will take for an ice cube to melt with a match under it.

    Posted by: yay842
  • In the end Ice will win, it's a strongly supported scientific theory (the heat death of the universe).

    Posted by: Ragnar
  • the fire will melt the ice then th ice will turn into water and put out the fire and then i will get cold and the water will freeze back into ice

    Posted by: cjmods
  • i got ice in my veins

    Posted by: kobi.m
  • cold is the natural state of the universe. Almost everything in space is cold. Even when stars like the sun go out eventually. But one thing does not go out.... ICE! The reason we have water on earth is ice afterall. Ice can exist almost everywhere. Fire requires heat, friction, and oxygen.

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yay842 says2013-09-16T00:03:32.0236413-05:00
So, did you like my argument?
HiJackedGaming says2013-09-16T01:32:37.1382041-05:00
Yes it was great =)
PatriotPerson says2013-09-16T12:17:41.9552663-05:00
Fire melts ice, that forms water. From there, the water extinguishes the fire.
Thorxus says2013-09-18T03:39:37.6852423-05:00
Lol, I'm the only one who argued XD
nick8472 says2015-01-21T10:24:21.6628203-06:00
Actually fire melts ice... Fire evaporations water.... Ice can only get to be about−459.67 °F, or absolute zero on the Kelvin scale. Also water evaporates at 212 °F... However.... Fire/heat has been recorded at 3.6 billion °F... So in the end fire wins... Tho it really depends on the starting temp ;)
Mr-M23 says2016-03-26T17:04:01.4455745Z
Fire is the result of oxidation, ice is water in it's frozen state. To many variables to consider. A flame thrower vs a fire hose ? Or try lighting a fire in Antartica and see what happens. A somewhat unexplainable thing happens when you light thermite on top of two large slabs of ice ( an explosion) it was a slow explosion. (myth busters were at a loss for a explanation) A sudden change in pressure and temperature within the ice is my guess.

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