Who would win in a battle: Iron Man or Captain America?

Posted by: Ikph1219

  • Iron Man

  • Captain America

61% 23 votes
39% 15 votes
  • Iron Man has the smarts and the money capable of making him a super soldier and engineering a shield like Cap'n Murica over there. Morally I should go with the Cap'n but I feel as if Iron Man would win in an all out war.

  • Iron Man doesn't need to even have prep against Steve he just has to play it smart and not underestimate him. Captain America is a better hero and represents most of the time the right way to look at scenarios. But he doesn't posses a lot of weapons and defenses that can stands at what Tony has at his disposal to fight against him with.

  • Iron man will win because what's so good about cap? All he has is a shield! And if captain america damaged one of iron man's suits he has like 49 more! Plus iron man has the Hulkbuster and The Hulk couldn't even destroy it!

  • Iron man 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Iron Man's Suit is able to prepare a counter-measure to any fighting style you may have, In a 1v1 fight, As long as both are focused and fighting in fair conditions with no distractions, I would say Iron Man has the upperhand

  • Tony's suit has recorded every , every single move , single punch that Captain America has ever thrown : so it knows Steve's every next move before he even does it .

  • iron man is stronger!

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