Who would win in a battle: Star Wars universe or Star Trek universe?

Posted by: Joey888

  • Star Wars

  • Star Trek

77% 20 votes
23% 6 votes
  • Although the technology in both epic Science Fiction Universes are fairly close to evenly matched, there are so many other aspects of Star Wars that are superior to that of Star Trek. Most obviously, there's the force. Star Trek has yet to replicate the widespread "power" that is the force. Also, the limits on the force really have no canonical limit. Secondly, as vast as the Star Trek cinematic universe is, it has nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, on the Star Wars EU. Of course this is no longer canonical, but if it was, this battle would be much easier for Star Wars. The second thing is that, in Star Trek, there are many, many governments, all working around each other, without any knowledge of some of the others' existence. In Star Wars, everything is connected. There is, for as long as the canon goes, one main power in the universe, be it for good or evil. In Star Trek, everyone is much more independent, and because of that they would suffer greatly if the two universe ever went to war.

    Posted by: Kozman
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