Who Would Win in a Fight Against MechaGodzilla and Mechani-Kong?

Posted by: FanBoyFan

You know and love the King of the Monsters Godzilla and Eight Wonder of the World King Kong, but what about their mechanical counterparts? You all saw King Kong vs. Godzilla but what about MechaGodzilla vs. Mechani-Kong?

  • Mechagodzilla

  • Mechani-Kong

89% 8 votes
11% 1 votes
  • I think Mechagodzilla would win. It doesn't matter what version of him you look at either. The original Showa version had a crazy amount of fire power from toe missiles to laser eyes he was loaded. Mechagodzilla could wreck Mechani-Kong! The Hesei version has an even better chance of beating winning, after all he killed Godzilla himself! It took Rodan, and a revived Godzilla to kill him. Not to mention the fire power he had too! We also can't forget about the Garuda. If Super-Mechagodzilla got his hands on Mechani-Kong it would not be pretty. The final Millennium version Kiryu, as they call him has more of a chance than the Showa version but less of a chance than the Hesei. Kiryu did have a big arsenal but his self awareness is unpredictable. Whether it is his secret weapon or his down fall it may act as a distraction. With the original 1954 Godzilla bones in him he is a machine on steroids. With the mind of the king of the monsters and the body of a mechanical killer, he has a lot of potential.

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debate_power says2014-07-09T18:47:57.8891411-05:00
Isn't the poll question asking who would win in a fight against both?
FanBoyFan says2014-07-10T09:28:50.9360605-05:00
The question is asking who would win in a fight against two monsters

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