Who would win in a fight between a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and a Hard Shelled Taco?

Posted by: jblake1504

  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  • Hard Shelled Taco

75% 21 votes
25% 7 votes
  • It has +10 durability due to frying.

  • Grilled cheese sandwich has +10 fire damage cos the cheese it hot

  • I agree with the +10 fire damage

  • The grilled cheese could easily rip out the insides of the had shelled taco.

  • Due to the crumbly state of the hard-shelled taco, it is Extremely weak and fragile. However, if this so known taco was soft shelled it would have been extremely powerful (Also known as a burrito). Therefore we should take out the Tacos now before they become soft shelled and empower the grilled cheese sandwiches.

  • Taco would crack and die ROFL

  • As much as I hate grilled cheese and love tacos I have to pick grilled cheese. A hard shell taco is brittle and easy to crack as for a grilled cheese sandwich is tougher and could easily crack a shell.

  • It has armor and more options.

  • why is this a question. i cant answer that, but i can answer the question... HARD SHELLED TACO ALL THE WAY

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jblake1504 says2018-01-08T04:13:50.0855272Z
I forgot to mention, no prison rules.
RepublicofPixels says2018-01-08T10:52:23.0205341Z
The cheese sandwich would be tougher, and the taco would be brittle
Ezpresso says2018-01-10T21:17:34.4720782Z
The melted cheese would engulf the Taco, suffocating it
Ezpresso says2018-01-10T21:18:06.6466305Z
The melted cheese would engulf the Taco, suffocating it
XxJELLOxX says2019-01-20T10:39:06.5509284Z
Umm tbh thanos would
AdrianO802 says2019-12-10T21:19:36.9381685Z
The insides of the taco would easily fall out and the gooey hot cheese would add the insides to its mass.

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