Who would win in a fight: Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes?

Battle of the actresses. Pick the ultimate winner in this cat fight.

  • Lindsay Lohan

  • Amanda Bynes

39% 13 votes
61% 20 votes
  • I feel like Lindsay Lohan would win because she thinks less of her self physically then Amanda. She knows how to handle things in her own way. Amanda would probably give up once she sees a heel pulled off of her shoe or extensions

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ECLP says2014-12-12T09:29:04.8562443-06:00
Neither because lindsey would just get drunk and pass out in the middle of the fight and amanda would just have sex with the closest person with a camera
Humanities says2015-06-16T10:16:22.1860234-05:00
I am like Lindsay Logan so I vote for my self I'm perfect #perfect

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