Who Would Win In A Fight To The Death?

Posted by: Jovard

A Grizzly Bear or A Silver Back Gorilla

  • Grizzly Bear

  • Silver Back Gorilla

71% 15 votes
29% 6 votes
  • The grizzly would obviously win. They are much bigger and stronger. Grizzly bears are meat eaters which means they are more suited for fighting rather than the gorilla which is a plant eater. Grizzlies are overall better than gorillas especially when it comes to fighting.

    Posted by: Jovard
  • In all seriousness, the gorilla is too weak when pinned up against a grizzly bear. The bear is very muscular, as indicated from the giant "hump" of muscle on its back as well as thick legs, arms, and chest. The bear has thick fur and fat to aid in blocking bites and slaps from the gorilla. In addition to good protection, a single swipe from a bear can kill many animals including mountain lion and wolves. http://www.animalfactsencyclopedia.com/Grizzly-bear-facts.html

  • Bearz wood beet a dum borilla aniday. bars are butter then monkees. ef u dissergree, i wall call my ber scwadren in to kill u

  • One right hit to the head would kill the bear.

    Posted by: reece
  • The reason the Silver Back Gorilla would win is because it is stronger, can hit faster than a bear, and the bear may have fat and muscle but i don't know if you've ever seen a gorilla fight another gorilla. The point is that the gorilla will win in a fight to the death with a grizzly bear

  • Gorilla's have a much greater hand win it comes to strength and mobility.

  • They are smarter so they would probably out-wit the bear. The gorilla would probably get on the back of the bear and snap its neck.

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reece says2016-02-18T01:22:43.6229152Z
@Jovard Stronger how?
reece says2016-02-18T01:39:05.3092860Z
@Jovard Grizzly bears eat things that can't fight back which are deer, elk, fish, and insects. They also eat seeds, berries, roots, grasses, and fungi. Saying they're good fighters because they are 'meat eaters' is a misconception.
SamStevens says2016-02-18T02:03:07.0358524Z
Reece, exactly. Vultures are terrible fighters, yet they are meat eaters. There's a video of a jackal killing a vulture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhIyMBfhMQQ | Rework that argument Jovard.
reece says2016-02-18T02:27:46.7493928Z
@SamStevens Ankylosaurus was a herbivore, but it would of f_cked up just about any carnivore back in its day. It was a walking tank.
SamStevens says2016-02-18T02:31:43.0486516Z
Indeed, the same could also be said for hippos, buffalo, and etc.
reece says2016-02-18T04:10:45.8026260Z
@SamStevens You traitor!
SamStevens says2016-02-18T04:15:10.1046028Z
Well, looking at the facts... The bear has fat, muscle, etc... And assuming it's a Kodiak bear... It would be of similar size and power to that of a polar bear... Which can kill a bull walrus... Therefore a Kodiak bear is no pushover to a slapping monkey... The power lies within the dog and red panda relative.
reece says2016-02-18T04:43:22.9006274Z
@SamStevens It's an ape okay, an ape. The fact that Silver Backs have hands, and can lift up a two ton car above their head (Kodiak's weigh less than half that) is more than enough. The bear would try to get it's jaws on the gorilla where it's in reach of a hit to the head.
SamStevens says2016-02-18T04:55:51.2395944Z
It is not an ape, it is a feces throwing monkey. Also, under what circumstance would a bear allow the monkey to lift it off the ground without biting are swiping the primate? How would lifting the bear help the gorilla? Would you try to lift an opponent off the ground just because you could? What would a hit to a bear's heavily muscled head and neck do?
reece says2016-02-18T05:29:31.7779765Z
@SamStevens I'm not saying the APE would lift the bear off the ground. I'm saying bears normally use their weight to subdue their prey. It wouldn't work in this case. Muscle would help little to protect the bears brain from blunt force trauma equivalent to twice the power of what a professional baseballer can hit..
SamStevens says2016-02-18T05:34:08.2046953Z
So you are saying a slap from a monkey will defeat the biggest of Kodiak bear?
reece says2016-02-18T05:41:08.2617688Z
@SamStevens I'm saying Yogi would be lucky if he got knocked into a coma.
SamStevens says2016-02-18T06:45:06.5489150Z
Let's assume that the Kodiak bear is a male, weights 1,653 lbs, and stands 9.8 ft when erect. For the gorilla, let's assume it is 510 lbs, male, and is 5ft 11 in. Already, the bear is more than 3 times the gorilla's mass. A bear of this size can take on all but the biggest game found in N. America. *If* it can be assumed that only geographical location is a prohibiting factor and that polar bears and brown bears are equal in strength(Kodiaks and Polar bears are the largest terrestrial carnivores), one can come to the conclusion that Kodiaks can also take on bull walrus, an animal weighing in excess of 4,000 lbs. It can be argued since polar bears lack a hump of muscle on their shoulders/back, so, theoretically, they would be weaker, and if they could kill a walrus, so could a Kodiak, if.... . Besides, if a gorilla slap( that's all it is, hand structure does not allow for punching and hand lacks claws) is so debilitating, what do you think of a bear swipe that is known to kill a moose via decapitation(http://www.Fact-o-matic.Com/show/158.Html) as well as kill cougar and wolf alike?
SamStevens says2016-02-18T06:58:41.3890078Z
I could see a gorilla over powering an Eurasian brown bear(smallest subspecies), black bear(both american and asian), and smaller species of bear, but the line gets drawn then large grizzlies, Kodiaks, and polar bears get thrown into the mix.
SamStevens says2016-02-18T07:00:35.5683354Z
And just to be clear, I'm not arguing in absolutes. There is always a chance that the Kodiak could loose and vice versa. The chances just happen to be in the bear's favour.
reece says2016-02-18T07:37:52.5564926Z
@SamStevens I've already shown the mass of the bear is nothing. And by the way, gorilla's hit with their fingers closed. I wouldn't call it a slap. Anyway the bear would have to come in close to do any damage at all. Its arm reach wouldn't be long enough to claw without getting it's skull/snout fractured. The Silver Back on the other hand. Your link didn't work.
SamStevens says2016-02-18T07:44:38.2604950Z
I desire to take this to a PM for better formatting.
SamStevens says2016-02-18T08:14:49.1549270Z
As explained in the PM, the bear is far from nothing and the gorilla's ability to lift two tons may diminish when it comes to lifting a 1,600 bear all while putting itself at risk for being attacked.
reece says2016-02-18T08:17:10.0672523Z
@SamStevens You wanted to debate in the pm.
SamStevens says2016-02-18T08:18:42.1157002Z
I have to keep up appearances in a public arena. The way I ended the convo here might be interpreted as a concession .
reece says2016-02-18T08:32:13.4534432Z
@SamStevens Anyone can type out long 'arguments' of rubbish. I try not to.
SamStevens says2016-02-18T08:33:42.4147842Z
Are you saying my stuff is rubbish?
reece says2016-02-18T08:45:51.8754838Z
@SamStevens You kept on misinterpreting what i said and bringing up arguments out of nowhere.
SamStevens says2016-02-18T08:51:38.1091654Z
Lol This was pretty fun, at least for me.

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