Who would win in a fist fight, Dwayne Johnson or James Bond?

Posted by: Julian_Draxler03

  • Dwayne Johnson

  • James Bond

73% 8 votes
27% 3 votes
  • Bond is better with guns, though.

  • With no help from any scientist's gadgets and the like.... Give 'im the people's elbow, Rock! Rock: Who're you? Bond: The name's B.... Rock: It does..n't MATTER what your name is! (satisfaction)

    Posted by: yahuaa
  • Dude you serious? Dwayne can dodge guns like a BOSS!!!!

  • James Bond has no bare handed fighting expertise and even if it's claimed that he does he never shows it or it's incompetent. Dwayne would use his strong physique and stuntmen level wrestling to smash Bond.

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Jisho says2015-04-23T00:22:57.4923161-05:00
I hate you!!!
DI0GENES says2015-04-23T01:55:13.0811374-05:00
You're joking, right? WWF wrestler, and all around tough guy, VS a British ladies man, who is nothing without his gadgets? BWAHAHAHA!

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