Who would win in a war? Iran or Egypt

Posted by: mikethedebater

Assuming war broke out between Iran and Egypt, who do you think would emerge victorious? Take into account the following aspects; Number of troops/weapons, Who has more modern military hardware, who has better training,, who has more regional support. etc.

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Republic of Egypt

15 votes

Egyptian Armed Forces Egyptian Army Central Security forces Egyptian Air Force Unit 777 Egyptian Navy Egyptian Air Defense Command


Islamic State of Iran

2 votes
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Iranian Armed forces Iranian Army Iranian Navy Iranian Air Force

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18Karl says2015-04-30T06:41:29.2177459-05:00
Why would they go to war in the first place? Over Yemen? Bs.
shalal12 says2015-04-30T12:26:23.0586380-05:00
It's such a stupid poll!!! As an Iranian I would never think of killing my brothers in Egypt!!!

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