• Russia

  • China

71% 20 votes
29% 8 votes
  • Too big, too cold.

    Posted by: Gabe1e
  • China has more infantry, but Russia has more armored vehicles and aircraft. China is also dependent on foreign oil while Russia is near self sufficient and the Russian military is far more experienced than the Chinese.

  • They have fuzzy hats and literaly frozen dildos. Need I say more?

  • have you ever seen a Russian sober for more than a day? ... China would only have to Bomb Russia with Vodka to win

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Gabe1e says2015-03-31T14:59:39.4504022-05:00
Why would they go to war anyway? They are great partners with each other.
triangle.128k says2015-03-31T16:53:11.4839439-05:00
Both are countries are invaded by communism :-(
Kreakin says2015-03-31T16:55:46.4055577-05:00
Depends who got the most funding from the global banks to buy the most tech and what countries sold who the better weapons.
triangle.128k says2015-03-31T17:17:25.4678449-05:00
*Both countries are invaded by communism. Sorry, grammatical mistake.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-03-31T20:16:40.5270157-05:00
Invading russia is always a bad idea, but you don't have to always win a war by invading. Since both russia and china have a large amount of nuclear ballistic missiles it could be anyones game. Of course russia has an advantage in the non-nuclear ballistic missiles, they recently tested a thermobaric weapon capable of rivaling a small nuke. Thermobaric weapons would be more effective against china since china is more urban and tightly populated. China has a larger army, but that wouldn't help with invading the big cold russia.
arch001 says2015-10-26T16:57:48.1745769Z
Actually this is a very sensitive topic.. Russia is dependent on China (literally) because you see Russia does not have economy left after the soviet era and thus it has to rely on china for about more than 50% of its finance..Thus Russia has to face a hard reality if it goes on a war with china on the other side . On the other hand China will always be indebted to Russia...The military power what PRC has become now is simply because of Russia! If the Soviets had not provided the military support to the newly formed People's republic of China, then china wouldn't even be in the state of fighting against Russia..Also the USSR had also helped him with its nuclear power China would be helpless ..Thus such a war would most probably (touch wood) not occur

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