Who would win U.S Army Ranger vs Russian Spetsnaz?

Posted by: tajshar2k

5 vs 5 battle between the two, who would win?

  • U.S Army Ranger

  • Spetsnaz

33% 5 votes
67% 10 votes
  • Both are extremely well trained but Spetsnaz training has been described as hell and has inhuman treatment, it's brutal but effective.

  • Sometimes Stars and stripes beat hammer and slice, but not this time.

  • Assuming both are equally well-equipped and neither has an advantage based on the battleground's features, the Spetsnaz. I think.

  • Spetznaz is well equipped and their numbers are massive

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tajshar2k says2015-05-19T15:56:31.2741735-05:00
Please comment for future matchups.
tajshar2k says2015-05-19T16:20:10.7071868-05:00
Iannan13, You saw the Deadliest Warrior Episode?
USN276 says2015-05-19T16:36:03.5237000-05:00
Spetsnaz is ambiguous. Spetsnaz literally means "special forces" so it can be anything. Spetsnaz can range from VDV (airborne troops pretty much equivalent to Army Rangers) to Russian Alpha Group (top tier Spetsnaz equivalent to U.S Navy Seals)
tsume says2015-05-19T16:49:57.4065359-05:00
Remember the Deadliest Warrior episode on spike (green berets vs, spetznaz)
tsume says2015-05-19T16:50:26.5361944-05:00
Oops, i didn't realize someone had already cited the Deadliest warrior episode.
Russia_The_almighty says2015-05-19T18:34:15.2016758-05:00
American Delta Force vs UK Special forces support group. Although outnumbered,
debate_power says2015-05-29T17:27:05.7109556-05:00
Oh that's right I forgot Spetsnaz had several divisions. I had Alpha Group in mind when I voted.

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