• Hillary Clinton

  • Elizabeth Warren

14% 2 votes
86% 12 votes
  • I'm not a Clinton fan and if I had to choose between the two I would vote for Warren in a heart beat.

  • Clinton has too many ties with Wall Street. She is a part of a career family. with ties that I don't trust.

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LRRP says2014-12-27T20:50:40.0111755-06:00
I'm no Warren fan and Hitlery probably has lots more real experience. But...Do we forget character issues like back in the early 70s when she and other legal beagals defended Black Panther party members for the murder of one of their own, one informant named Alex Rackley?? Along with plagiarized or falsified depositions? Etc. lest we forget. I was a contemporary of hers and a college student nearby during those times... I remember..... They got these killers off and some if them were actually deified within the new left and rose to big time jobs in the straight world..Later murder...Just a thought. Check it out. Don't take my word

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