Who would you hire

Posted by: sadolite

If you had to choose between a person who went to trade school and learned a trade not related to the field you are hiring for or a college graduate that has no skills. Who woyuld you hire?

  • Tradesman

  • College

50% 1 votes
50% 1 votes
  • College seems to breed idiots nowadays. A tradesman has actual skills picked up through actual work, and can learn the ropes to any corporate job quick as that if you know basic mathematics. College courses are just varying degrees of organization based classes, nothing actually substantive.

  • The tradesman doesn't even know the damn job. I don't want a carpenter for a computer animator XD

    Posted by: basils
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UtherPenguin says2015-11-11T01:17:38.6799984Z
What we need are more gender studies PhD's
SM2 says2015-11-11T01:27:38.7299376Z
I would hire the candidate best suited for the position.
Wylted says2015-11-11T17:20:32.6670816Z
It depends on whether I've met my racial quota yet.
Black-Jesus says2015-11-11T19:13:25.4416661Z
Depends on the job and what the college kid studied in college

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