Who would you rather be the coach of right now?

Posted by: birdlandmemories

The Lakers have tons of history but are a train wreck currently. Kentucky is a perennial powerhouse that competes for championships every year.

  • Los Angeles Lakers

  • Kentucky Wildcats

66% 35 votes
34% 18 votes
  • 2 reasons 1. kobe is on it, and 2. the kentucky wildcats are not in the tourny and the lakers are professinal

  • They have a lot of talent and once Kobe is gone they are gonna have to show their talent off. Also they have a terrible record this year so they have a chance getting a good player in the draft to help their team.

  • Better team...

  • kentucky are cheatures,go cards

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XxJohanaLaughsXx says2016-05-14T14:54:18.7757886Z
If i was a lakers coach i would make the team better

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