• A fascist

  • A totalitarian socialist

84% 21 votes
16% 4 votes
  • I'm sure it was a lot better living in fascist Italy than Soviet Russia. Though they didn't differ too much.

  • Both systems were similar in many ways but fascist countries were slightly more meritocratic for the majority group than the totalitarian socialists and since I'm white, British, and live in Britain... I'll pick fascism thanks ;P

  • This poll is pretty strange, since there have been socialist fascist leaders, such as Adolf Hitler. I'll just suppose that "totalitarian socialist" just refers to communist states such as Maoist China and the Soviet Union.

  • A fascist society would favor me more than a communist one.

  • Not really much of a difference, especially since "fascist" is such a fuzzy word nowadays. But, going off of historical leaders referred to by these terms, I guess the fascists are better... I really hate saying that.

  • Sure.

    Posted by: Foxian
  • It really goes to shows how much people don't really like Communism that they'd rather choose fascism. Don't forget it was the Soviets who turned the tide of WW2. I am not a Communist. Looking at these two leaders, Mussolini was an ass-hat who was only in power for a short period of time. Chairman Mao was the father of the arguably the most powerful nation in the 21st Century. Sure, he committed many atrocities, but so did Mussolini. Ultimately, if you wanted a life lesson and had to choose who would be your father, Chairman Mao, I believe, would provide me with the best wisdom.

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BrendanD19 says2016-07-20T16:13:02.0249493Z
How about a democratic socialist?
triangle.128k says2016-07-20T16:24:26.1605055Z
@Brendan I'm giving two awful options for a reason.
BirdieMachine says2016-07-20T17:23:15.3851739Z
How about a Crony Capitalist turd disguised as a Democracy?
Gareth_BM says2016-07-20T18:19:02.9131482Z
Depends what specific leader you're under. Life improved massively for the average person under Lenin but millions starved under Stalin.
Throwback says2016-07-20T19:25:36.3403434Z
It's not possible to pick either on as a preference..
stschiffman says2016-07-20T20:58:46.6610475Z
@BrendanD19 Democratic socialist is an oxymoron. Socialism is inherently undemocratic. What's next, "democratic fascism" or "democratic totalitarianism"?
ondskapt666 says2016-07-20T23:49:01.8919814Z
I like the idea of a totalitarian fascist leader. Communism is a plague.
ondskapt666 says2016-07-20T23:49:33.4197835Z
I like the idea of a totalitarian fascist leader. Communism is a plague.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-21T06:23:01.0667136Z
@stschiffman, Socialist is an economic term to describe an economic system. Democratic/Totalitarian/Fascist are political terms to describe government systems. Two different things.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-21T06:38:21.3322127Z
Mao wasn't a socialist. He was a communist.
Polyester says2016-08-09T18:50:01.2882127Z
They're both dictatorships. *Heartbeat* They would oppress me... *Heartbeat* But the Faciest would be more likely to be overthrown.

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