Who would you support: Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton?

Posted by: PatriotPerson

If Jeb Bush got the Republican nomination and Hillary Clinton got the Democratic nomination for 2016, who would you support and/or vote for?

  • Jeb Bush

  • Hillary Clinton

46% 36 votes
54% 42 votes
  • Hillary has been caught up in scandal after scandal and not to mention the Clintons backed the current destroyer of America, Obama!

  • first of all we all know jeb bush would be the third pres. in his family , he has to have some idea about the whole president thing , right?

  • Anything is better than a woman who doesn't know what the word principle means. She doesn't hold her beliefs dear to herself, constantly shifting more and more to the left for the sake of votes. I wouldn't vote for Jeb, but he's a better option than Hillary.

  • I'd choose Jeb over Hillary. Hillary too weak on Foreign Policy, would like to know more about her economic policy, but in the last 10 years, I'm not sure it was a priority in facing our economic challenges. Maybe the upcoming presidential debate would sway me. Not sure.

  • Under President Obama we've had Federal bureaucrats write 496,000 pages of new regulations for us commoners to obey. Hillary is 100% in favor of the view that government should control the details of everything. Jeb Bush did a good, fiscally responsible job as governor of Florida. He's not the congenital liar that Hillary is. It would be better.

  • Hilary is too scandalous to be president.

  • He is definitely not my top pick for president, but he sure is a hell of a lot better than Hillary. He has had invaluable experience as governor, and unlike Hillary, he has proven to be trustworthy.

  • I'm not one to let this country be run by a person who has been shown to cover things up, lie, and generally not be a trustworthy person. Benghazi being a prime example. I'm especially hesitant to let someone associated with President Obama, the disaster his 8 years are becoming, run.

    Posted by: Arsnic
  • I'd vote for any Republican over Hillary. Hillary's been involved in scandal after scandal going back to the 1970s. She's flip-flopped on the issues depending on what's popular at the time. She's lied to Congress about providing all of her emails regarding Benghazi and I believer her role in the cover-up will ultimately be what prevents her from becoming president.

  • The only way I wouldnt vote for her is if she picked a left-wing lunatic like Sanders as her VP while Jeb picked a fellow moderate as his VP. Outisde of that scenario though, im voting for Hillary

  • Hillary is the only one out of all who has been in the white house and served close to the president and I believe she is the best hope in helping our nation

  • I'd rather take Clinton over another Bush. Jeb is just the wrong person for nomination in the first place. We learned our lesson with the fumbling stammerer that his brother turned out to be. I'd take Rand Paul or Ben Carson for Republican nomination for sure, though. Clinton wouldn't stand a chance against someone like that, but the Republicans will put someone up who the corporations -- which is where the money is -- will fund.

  • Clinton over Bush, but Sanders is my first choice.

  • All the way!

  • Clinton isn't my first choice whatsoever, I'd rather go with Sanders. But another backwards Bush in office? No thanks.

  • She isn't my first choice, but she is better than any republican in the race.

  • Neither really, but Clinton first, no doubt. Both shouldn't even be in the running. 2 Bushes and 1 Clinton have already been in office. Is that really democracy?

  • They would both ruin everything, but I'd like the blame placed on the right party.

    Posted by: robs5
  • A Clinton over a Bush any day, although Sanders is my first choice.

  • Neither, but Hillary is just so slightly better. Bernie Sanders 2016.

  • I am Canadian, so really my vote is irrelevant. I don't think Hillary is the best, but if I have to make a choice, it would be her. I would prefer to vote for Sanders. But why Hillary? I think it's time that the US has an American woman as a president. The US never had a woman as a candidate even! That's absurd. Second, Hillary's view on civil rights such as woman rights. Third, doesn't give a blank check to corporations. Jeb Bush is not that bad either.

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Najs says2015-06-16T15:53:56.7214010-05:00
mystery_man43 says2015-06-17T11:04:14.7872566-05:00
I would support neither of them. I support Mike Huckabee.
PatriotPerson says2015-06-17T11:06:44.7574900-05:00
@mystery_man43: Lol you've been saying that all over my polls. We get it, you love Huckabee.
Kylar says2015-06-20T08:59:48.0322681-05:00
Mystery man you are absolutely right
Gibby97 says2015-06-20T16:46:43.5731864-05:00
They both scare me
dietorangesoda says2015-06-20T18:17:25.4384101-05:00
Bernie sanders if hillary gets it i wont vote
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-22T11:40:04.5615244-05:00
Where is the selection for "Go home, we're tired of the lot of you!"?
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-22T23:15:06.4790233-05:00
"... If hillary gets it i wont vote" That's the kind of mentality I love to hear. "I just won't participate", see how that works out for you.
TBR says2015-06-22T23:19:40.3792677-05:00
@FreedomBeforeEquality - I agree completely. True of both sides. I remember the arguments I had with my progressive friends about Ralph Nader. FU*C RALPH NADER!!!!!!
Juan_Pablo says2015-06-24T17:38:40.1921843-05:00
Hillary Clinton is the best candidate because she has a vision for America that is the nearest thing to a possible paradise we can attain at this moment in time. I like the idea of striving for a mutually beneficial world that emphasizes individual responsibility and increases overall health and happiness. Hillary Clinton is the candidate that can best make this widespread human dream into an actual human experience.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-24T21:44:31.0079976-05:00
Shes the best because her attacks against the American way are much less precise and damaging. She has much less of a structure for her plan of attack ... Shes simple and donor driven. Bernie is more calculating and planned out. A true super villain.
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:54:03.7551640-05:00
Rick Perry is definitely the best choice I've seen so far, but between these 2 i'd have to go with the republican everytime, the democrats have pretty much sealed their fate, I know that we still have ppl who support the democratic party, but I just don't think anybody they put up has a remote chance, I mean the defecit has tripled under democratic rule and the other big issues which are all failures by the democrats are irrelevant if the country is broke and underemployed as it is now. Republicans have an uncanny nack for bringing jobs and deep down that's what its gonna come down to.
Pro-lifeConservative says2015-06-30T11:08:04.0668431-05:00
I agree, neither. I'd vote for the most conservative person on the ballot.
Chris_F says2015-06-30T18:11:02.9122575-05:00
@coppertop, true, the deficit has greatly increased under Obama, but all that money has gone into fighting wars that started under George Bush. Speaking of which, the last democratic president before Obama, Bill Clinton, managed to get the deficit to $0.00, until his successor brought us into a major economic recession and two incredibly costly wars. Also, if I recall, Obama has reduced unemployment, at least a little bit.
imma_redbull04 says2015-06-30T19:51:16.0897882-05:00
I would write-in someone else or vote third-party.
Max.Wallace says2015-07-07T19:57:19.5501502-05:00
Max.Wallace says2015-07-07T19:58:07.9472813-05:00
Fools support either.
deacc says2015-07-08T12:19:11.2046159-05:00

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