Who would you vote for in 2016?

Posted by: mystery_man43

There are many possible presidential candidates; however, in this poll I will be only including candidates who have officially declared that they will be running for president.

Poll closed on 6/5/2015 at 12:00AM.
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Bernie Sanders

Bernard "Bernie" Sanders is an American politician and the junior United States Senator from Vermont. Before serving in the Senate, he represented Vermont's at-large congressional district in the United States House of Representatives and served as ... mayor of Burlington, the largest city in Vermont. Sanders is a self-described democratic socialist, and has praised Scandinavian-style social democracy.Sanders runs for office as an independent but caucuses with the Democratic Party and is counted as a Democrat for purposes of committee assignments. He was the only independent member of the House during most of his service and is the longest-serving independent in U.S. Congressional history.In an interview with The Nation on March 6, 2014, Sanders stated that he is "prepared to run for President of the United States" in 2016   more
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Rand Paul

Randal Howard "Rand" Paul is an American politician and a former ophthalmologist who serves as the junior United States Senator for Kentucky, in office since 2011. He is a member of the Republican Party and the son of former U.S. Representative and ... presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas.A graduate of the Duke University School of Medicine, Paul began practicing ophthalmology in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1993 and established his own clinic in December 2007. He became active in politics and founded Kentucky Taxpayers United in 1994, of which he is still chairman. He first received national attention in 2008 when making political speeches on behalf of his father, who was campaigning for the Republican Party's nomination for president. In 2010, Paul ran for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky, defeating Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson in the Republican primary. He subsequently defeated the Democratic nominee, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, in the general election   more
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Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is a former United States Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, and First Lady of the United States. From 2009 to 2013, she was the 67th Secretary of State, serving under President Barack Obama. She previously represented Ne... w York in the U.S. Senate. Before that, as the wife of President Bill Clinton, she was First Lady from 1993 to 2001. In the 2008 election, Clinton was a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.A native of Illinois, Hillary Rodham was the first student commencement speaker at Wellesley College in 1969 and earned a J.D. From Yale Law School in 1973. After a brief stint as a Congressional legal counsel, she moved to Arkansas and married Bill Clinton in 1975. Rodham cofounded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families in 1977. In 1978, she became the first female chair of the Legal Services Corporation, and in 1979, the first female partner at Rose Law Firm. The National Law Journal twice listed her as one of the hundred most influential lawyers in America. As First Lady of Arkansas from 1979 to 1981 and 1983 to 1992 with her husband as Governor, she led a task force that reformed Arkansas's education system   more
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Ben Carson

The United States presidential election of 2016 will be the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election and is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Voters in the election will select presidential electors, who in turn will elect the President an... d the Vice President of the United States. The incumbent president, Barack Obama, is ineligible to be elected to a third term due to term limits in the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution   more
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Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina is an American former business executive and was the Republican nominee for the United States Senate from California in 2010. Fiorina served as chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard from 1999 to 2005 and previously was an executiv... e at AT&T and its equipment and technology spinoff, Lucent.Fiorina was considered one of the most powerful women in business during her tenure at Lucent and Hewlett-Packard. While she was chief executive at HP, the company weathered the collapse of the dot-com bubble, although the stock lost half of its value throughout her tenure. In 2002, the company completed a contentious merger with rival computer company Compaq, which made HP the world's largest personal computer manufacturer. In 2005, Fiorina was forced to resign as chief executive officer and chairman of HP following "differences [with the board of directors] about how to execute HP's strategy."Fiorina served as an advisor to Republican John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign. She was the Republican nominee for the United States Senate from California in 2010, losing to incumbent Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer. She is actively considering running for President in 2016   more
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Mike Huckabee

Michael Dale "Mike" Huckabee is an American politician who served as the 44th Governor of Arkansas. He was a candidate in the 2008 United States Republican presidential primaries, winning the 2008 Iowa Republican caucuses and finishing second in del... egate count and third in both popular vote and number of states won.Huckabee currently hosts the eponymous Fox News Channel talk show Huckabee. From April 2012 through December 2013, he hosted a daily radio program, The Mike Huckabee Show, on weekday afternoons for Cumulus Media Networks.Huckabee is the author of several best-selling books, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, musician and a public speaker. He is also an ABC Radio political commentator   more
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George Pataki

George Elmer Pataki is an American politician who was the 53rd Governor of New York. A member of the Republican Party, Pataki served three consecutive four-year terms from January 1, 1995, until December 31, 2006.
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Ted Cruz

Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz is the junior United States Senator from Texas. Elected in 2012, he is the first Cuban American or Latino to hold the office of US Senator from Texas. Cruz is a member of the Republican Party. He served as Solicitor General ... of Texas from 2003 to May 2008, after being appointed by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Between 1999 and 2003, Cruz served as the director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission, an Associate Deputy Attorney General at the United States Department of Justice, and as Domestic Policy Advisor to U.S. President George W. Bush on the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign. Cruz was also an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, where he taught U.S. Supreme Court litigation, from 2004 to 2009.Cruz was the Republican nominee for the Senate seat vacated by fellow Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison. On July 31, 2012, he defeated Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in the Republican primary runoff, 57–43. Cruz defeated the Democrat, former state Representative Paul Sadler, in the general election held on November 6, 2012; he prevailed with 56–41 over Sadler   more
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Marco Rubio

Marco Antonio Rubio is the junior United States Senator from Florida, serving since January 2011. A member of the Republican Party, he previously served as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives.A Cuban American native of Miami, Florida, Ru... bio is a graduate of the University of Florida and the University of Miami Law School. In the late 1990s, he served as a City Commissioner for West Miami and was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2000, representing the 111th House district. He was elected Speaker in November 2006.Rubio announced a run for U.S. Senate in May 2009 after incumbent Republican Mel Martinez resigned. Initially trailing by double-digits against the incumbent Republican Governor Charlie Crist, Rubio eventually surpassed him in polling for the Republican nomination. Rubio won the Republican nomination after Crist opted instead to run with no party affiliation. In a three-way split against Crist and Democratic candidate Kendrick Meek, Rubio won the general election in November 2010 with 48.9 percent of the vote. He is one of three Latinos in the Senate   more
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Rick Santorum

Richard John "Rick" Santorum is an American attorney and Republican Party politician. He served as a United States Senator representing Pennsylvania and was the Senate's third-ranking Republican. He ran as a candidate for the 2012 Republican Party p... residential nomination, finishing second to the eventual Republican nominee Mitt Romney.Born in Virginia, Santorum was raised primarily in Butler, Pennsylvania. He obtained an undergraduate degree from Pennsylvania State University, an M.B.A. From the University of Pittsburgh, and a J.D. From the Dickinson School of Law. Santorum worked as an attorney at Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, where he met Karen Garver. They married in 1990, and have seven living children. Santorum was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives to represent Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district in 1990 and later became a member of a group dubbed the "Gang of Seven".Santorum was elected as a United States Senator for Pennsylvania in 1994. He served two terms until losing his re-election bid in 2006. A devout, practicing Catholic, Santorum is a social conservative who opposes same-sex marriage and artificial birth control   more
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Martin O'Malley

Martin Joseph O'Malley is an American politician and the 61st and current Governor of Maryland. First elected in 2006, he defeated incumbent Governor Robert Ehrlich, and again in a 2010 rematch. Prior to being elected as Governor, he served as the M... ayor of Baltimore from 1999 to 2007, having previously served as a Baltimore City Councilor from 1991 to 1999. A member of the Democratic Party, he served as the Chair of the Democratic Governors Association from 2011 to 2013.As Governor, in 2011 he signed a law that would make certain undocumented immigrants eligible for in-state college tuition on condition; and in 2012, he signed a law to legalize same-sex marriage in Maryland. Each law was challenged to a voter referendum in the 2012 general election and upheld by a majority of the voting public   more
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Lindsey Graham

Lindsay Graham appeared in the 2011 film War on Terror.
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mystery_man43 says2015-05-28T10:21:37.3629531-05:00
Thanks to everyone who has voted on my poll!
komododragon8 says2015-05-28T12:24:59.8343074-05:00
Definitely not Ted Cruz, Ben Carson or Rand Paul. Possibly Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. I'll have to do more research on the rest.
tejretics says2015-05-28T12:54:36.2942318-05:00
Jeb Bush?
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-05-28T13:15:41.4338816-05:00
@komododragon8 Make sure you research Hillary and Bernie real good. I think if you had they would have been off your list of possibilities already.
mystery_man43 says2015-05-28T13:18:39.3226553-05:00
@tejretics Jeb Bush is not a declared candidate.
tajshar2k says2015-05-28T15:17:21.3977695-05:00
Its either Bernie Sanders, or Rand Paul for me.
Preston says2015-05-28T16:17:30.8857518-05:00
@mysery_man43 http://www.nytimes.com/politics/first-draft/2015/05/13/jeb-bush-declares-his-candidacy-prematurely/?_r=0
triangle.128k says2015-05-28T18:19:56.4432946-05:00
Rand Paul is doing a great job at picking up conservatives, even those extremist far-right conservatives.
cads says2015-05-29T00:15:52.3200285-05:00
I do not give a damn, everyone is better than Barack Obama at this point.
greatkitteh says2015-05-29T03:52:20.6279364-05:00
Rand Paul
debate_power says2015-05-29T16:36:18.0206844-05:00
Feel the Bern
komododragon8 says2015-05-29T19:43:26.6487065-05:00
Freedom: I plan on researching all the ones who come to election season. I also find it curious that you only mention Hillary or Bernie, ones you ideologically oppose yet make no mention of the other canidates I open to.
dillydol says2015-05-29T20:45:25.6136655-05:00
Why so many choices
mystery_man43 says2015-05-30T14:04:04.8061452-05:00
@Preston I got my declared presidential candidates from this webpage: http://ballotpedia.org/Possible_presidential_candidates,_2016. It is constantly updated.
TheSatiricalAnarchist says2015-05-31T16:22:33.4486724-05:00
It's pretty sad that someone supports Mike Huckabee...But I'm glad to see that Sanders has earned the majority vote.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-01T09:40:56.2302370-05:00
Komodo - Theyre just the worst two possible so far. Bernie and his union's ... My goodness. How does anyone plan to both entrap businesses from running to other countries AND raise minimum wage/unionize the entire workforce against them? No one's gonna want to start a business under those kinds of pretenses.
Deuterium says2015-06-01T09:45:46.8527176-05:00
Freedom, there are many who start a business in Scandinavia, in addition those businesses thrive.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-01T09:46:07.6635178-05:00
You're not going anywhere to better your business ... And on top of that we are gonna bleed you dry and force you to hand ownership over to your workers. ... Yep ... No ones going to want to start anything or create anything proprietary knowing anyone you employ gets immediate rights over your work and all the risk you've put into developing the business.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-01T09:47:15.7801717-05:00
I can't believe he's top ranked right now. Has anyone who has voted even looked at the guys platform???
Preston says2015-06-01T09:48:47.5821931-05:00
You realize your opinion of importance does not reflect the worlds right
tajshar2k says2015-06-01T09:48:50.1569923-05:00
Yea we have... Atleast he doesn't flip flop his ideas like Rand Paul.
Deuterium says2015-06-01T09:53:57.9656995-05:00
Scandinavian countries do not only support employees, they support business owners as well. They just don't value corporations above citizens. And how can you continue to claim none would ever want to start a business under those conditions, when it's proven false? IKEA is Swedish.
Kylar says2015-06-01T10:42:37.0470970-05:00
Add in Lindsey Graham and Rick Perry and Lincoln Chafee
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-01T11:00:23.5616065-05:00
"how can you continue to claim none would ever want to start a business under those conditions?" Because I've asked myself that question and I've watched the reaction current businesses have towards such ideas. They don't want to be in that position, I wouldn't want to be in that position, Bernie Sanders wants to force them into that position using gov't regulation. Also wants to block them from leaving. Seems natural people would just start somewhere else, move to greener pastures.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-01T11:29:08.1279706-05:00
@ Preston I'm not voting for the world. I'm voting for the United States. I couldn't give a damn about the world's opinion on the matter.
Deuterium says2015-06-01T11:32:53.9267128-05:00
If they really want to leave if they’re forced to pay their employees a reasonable wage they can live on, then I say: let them. Have fun in China or India. If they want to profit from the massive consumer market in the US, they’ll stay and adapt or be replaced by more competitive businesses.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-01T11:43:29.5685336-05:00
I agree. We should let them leave. The inevitably will and our policy will have to change to attract good business back again. Consumer market here are inconsequential. Theyll buy from wherever in the world they can if they want the product. The issue comes from whether or not you want our citizens to be the ones benefiting from employment with them or not. They move their HQ overseas ... There go the high paying jobs. The minimum wage ones will still exist here.
Deuterium says2015-06-01T12:00:01.9515909-05:00
They are moving jobs overseas now! There's barely any manufacturing left in the country. Much wants more. So you're saying Scandinavian business owners are somehow smarter since they make it work? Or should we compete with the low salaries of third world countries?
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-01T12:12:34.8756994-05:00
Im saying, who gives a damn about the minimum wage jobs. Our focus should be on keeping the Corporate HQ's and white collar stuff here. Driving low wage jobs out by minimum wage doesnt help because the people filling them still arent fit to take the high paying jobs anyways. Youre just cutting the uneducated out of the loop. We havent rid ourselves of them enough to be getting rid of the only jobs their fit to work.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-01T12:15:15.5829236-05:00
If our people and education system reflected that kind of potential, then sure, shipping all our low paid work overseas would work swimmingly. As it stands now ... All that would do is increase our number of unemployed. Low paying jobs serve their intended purpose.
Deuterium says2015-06-01T12:24:16.3743895-05:00
Most high pay jobs need educated workers, free college tuition ensure more competent people. Education is an investment! Not a free lunch.
Preston says2015-06-01T12:26:58.9979647-05:00
"who gives a damn about the minimum wage jobs" How about the vast majority of people, the people who aren't rich white snobs. I mean why would the majority of america, the poor, care about their wages. "White collar jobs" Im a white collar employee, they arent effected by minimum wage AT ALL, they pay more then minimum wage, they dont raise salaries because suddenly their minimum wage employees require higher pay. " Driving low wage jobs out by minimum wage doesnt help because the people filling them still arent fit to take the high paying jobs anyways. Youre just cutting the uneducated out of the loop". You Still havent shown jobs will be effected, and how does this cut uneducated out, if anything families can afford more and educate themselves Bad economics dude, you dont even understand the basics! "If our people and education system reflected that kind of potential, then sure, shipping all our low paid work overseas would work swimmingly. As it stands now ... All that would do is increase our number of unemployed. Low paying jobs serve their intended purpose." Low wage jobs arent going anywhere, manufacturing jobs maybe, but entertainment, service, distribution, ect. Dont go anywhere
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-01T12:32:56.6911954-05:00
They do indeed. Where are all these low paying workers going to go when their job gets shipped out of the country because the minimum wage here is too high? Sounds to me like money invested in driving minimum wage higher would be better spent investing in education. There is already plenty of incentive for big business to help fund education, or at least vocational schools. It directly trains their employees partly on the governments dollar. Forcing minimum wage on them just detracts from that type of development and keeps people content in their low paying job (that we want to be able to ship overseas or replace by a robot someday). Minimum wage is not a good way to get rid of them.
Midnight1131 says2015-06-01T12:35:35.6258290-05:00
Bernie wins on every poll I've seen on this site, but he's still way behind Hillary in the polls.
Preston says2015-06-01T12:42:14.2716534-05:00
"They do indeed. Where are all these low paying workers going to go when their job gets shipped out of the country because the minimum wage here is too high?" --- This is the most arrogant thing i've ever read, Jobs arent all moving, your telling me that a mcdonalds cashier is going to be outsourced?? NO it wont that doesnt make sense!!! "Sounds to me like money invested in driving minimum wage higher would be better spent investing in education. There is already plenty of incentive for big business to help fund education, or at least vocational schools. It directly trains their employees partly on the governments dollar." ---Obviously education should be developed too, but law and regulation solve for this, in fact minimum wage increase intern increases income tax and thus is beneficial. "Forcing minimum wage on them just detracts from that type of development and keeps people content in their low paying job (that we want to be able to ship overseas or replace by a robot someday). Minimum wage is not a good way to get rid of them." we aren't trying to rid our self's of the poor, we are trying to relocate the poor, educate the poor and allow them to move up/ live easier lives. You act like we are killing them off or ridding our selves of a disease, but even if everyone moves up there is still a bottom, our goal is to alleviate the bottom.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-01T12:45:10.6355767-05:00
@ Preston The majority of America is not poor. Im not sure why the rich snobs have to be white ... But ok. I think I am at least getting an idea of what group you belong to. Again, we aren't poor. The majority isn't poor. You're going to have to take a look at our GDP by purchasing power to get an understanding of that, instead of listening to whatever the "word on the street" has been telling you. The people around you are giving you a false image of what the nation is really like. Get out some.
Preston says2015-06-01T12:57:32.1249959-05:00
"The majority of America is not poor." -- Around 33% cannot make a living wage, 25% are lower middle class and struggle to survive, 33 +25 = 58% that is a majority >50% "Im not sure why the rich snobs have to be white ... But ok. I think I am at least getting an idea of what group you belong to." --I am lower middle class, so glad you would rather address me then the issues, and why dont you post your race and place on this classist society? "Again, we aren't poor. The majority isn't poor. You're going to have to take a look at our GDP by purchasing power to get an understanding of that" --Purchasing power is based off influence of country not a general populous,' To measure purchasing power, you'd compare against price index such as CPI. '(http://www.Investopedia.Com/terms/p/purchasingpower.Asp), "instead of listening to whatever the "word on the street" has been telling you. The people around you are giving you a false image of what the nation is really like. Get out some." Dude I work in homeless shelters, manage finances, and teach at a community center all while doing NFL Debate, If you don't believe that there are poor people then you need to get out my friend. If you would rather help rich corporations then your simply repeating what you hear your parents say, not forming an educated opinion, because the educated opinion understands there are poor people. You have dropped all actual arguementation against minimum wage and instead you bring up majority vs minority, but even if you ignore the lower and lower middle class and say they are a minority you are still devaluing their lives, their freedoms, their rights, and their individuality. Its a backwards way to think if you are going to get up and say, 'who cares about the poor' and claim a conservative view that says family is important. Because ultimately family is undermined when the parents cant afford to care for their kids.
Deuterium says2015-06-01T13:01:29.4793330-05:00
Freedom, at least we agree on education then, and if I really had to choose I’d choose education because it will be even more imperative in the future, but we can have both. A cashier at McDonalds in Denmark is getting 21$ an hour, which means they can afford it and there still remains incentive to profit. Scandinavian countries don’t actually have a minimum wage though, salary is negotiated between labor unions, employers and government. Unemployment in Norway is 3.9% by the way, if you’re worried.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-01T15:06:08.4935976-05:00
The same people fall under both of your stats, where do you get off adding them together? Deuterium, can we get together and invest in this kid a bit? He needs it. "If you don't believe that there are poor people then you need to get out my friend" Its not that i dont believe they exist, it's that I don't believe 58% of the people in this country are poor. They own multiple cars, eat food every night, sleep in warm beds under the glow of cable TV. They all manage to have cell phones, designer clothes, etc. You said you work with the homeless, you should know what poor really looks like. If 58% of America was like that i'd be afraid to leave my house, ever. "you are still devaluing their lives, their freedoms, their rights, and their individuality." Im not devaluing their lives by refusing to invest in them, they are devaluing mine by forcing me to invest in them. I'm middle class. It was hard getting here with them holding on to me the whole way ... And it just gets harder and harder the more I try to get away from them. So no, I'm not going to preach family importance or any of that jazz. I just want them off my damn coattails. They can be free and individual all they want ... They just need to do it without me.
tajshar2k says2015-06-01T15:19:31.5694009-05:00
Before Rand Paul ran for president, he said he will let states decide abortion. Now he says he will support a ban. Rand Paul said he will let states decide gay marriage. Now he says he it offends him to call it marriage. Rand Paul said he wants the U.S to avoid military intervention. Now he wants active intervention. Clearly this guy can't be trusted. He started off has a honorable Libertarian, and is starting to turn into the typical Republican to win votes. I'd still support this guy over Hillary, but Bernie is the only candidate who stays true to his word, and actually cares about the middle class.
Preston says2015-06-01T15:31:23.0064670-05:00
@FreedomBeforeEquality, You are citizen of the US, their welfare directly attributes to yours, and you have signed the same social contract as them, the only difference is the opportunities given to them, you obviously had more then them. I do work with the poor, and guess what, not every lower middle class has to goto a kitchen for each meal, and not every low class does either because they feel pride and wish to avoid the kitchen, that's fine. But to clarify LOWER CLASS, and LOWER MIDDLE CLASS are different, and the combined total is greater than those who are not. They are the majority, and they have not been on your coat tales but in truth you have been riding off them, abusing them. They are the ones who work the jobs no one else will because you want a comfy life. They are the ones working twice as hard, doing menial labor, and going home with a fraction of the money. When the lower class revolts its the rich that don't understand. EX: Ferguson wasn't just about the killing, at the beginning the rioters protested unjust laws, did you know in that area if you have an unpaid ticket once new year hits you will have an arrest warrant issued against you? So a low class worker who already is struggling housing and feeding their kids can be sent to jail and fined because he couldn't pay his ticket, This only exacerbated issues in their society and when they revolted it was undermined by those outside their society. Issues in society that harm them go unchecked because you wouldn't want to bother with them. Let me put it like this, if you are a republican you don't support abortion, because life is sacred BUT wont give the poor health care to care for those children, those children should die in your mind because you cant be bothered to assist someone who didn't have the opportunities as you.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-01T15:34:00.9117187-05:00
He'd gotta try to make it through the repub primaries before he can try to win you guys on the left over. The flaw of our 2 party system. If he'd stuck to his libertarian guns he'd lose to Rubio or Bush and never get a chance at the general election. To be fair ... The current president is changing his tune about military intervention too. The guy who promised everyone we were pulling out of iraq for good is ready to send the troops back out again.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-01T15:44:04.5653272-05:00
This was the impasse from Obama vs. McCain all over again. Take a potential flip flopper or take a straight and honest bad deal. Obama never lied or masked his bad intentions, you knew what he was going to fight for as soon as he got in office, or you could take the gamble and have someone who tries to please everyone and ends up passing contradictory legislation to appease both groups. I think i'd take a gamble with anyone (even Hilary, oh god what am i saying) before Bernie. With him I know exactly what i'm getting, and it's bad.
tajshar2k says2015-06-01T15:48:30.2384362-05:00
Yup, trying to help out the middle class is a bad thing. Trying to give every American affordable healthcare while spending less is also bad.
komododragon8 says2015-06-01T15:49:14.6572220-05:00
Freedom: Thats just your opinion based on whay you value. I personally value equal rights for gays and reproductive rights. Therefore I will be far les likely to vote for a canidate who does not uphold these values.
Preston says2015-06-01T15:50:20.4823103-05:00
The way healthcare was executed was poor, however it beats nothing for those who went without it before hand.
Varrack says2015-06-01T15:53:09.9820576-05:00
These polls depress me because they remind me of how close to voting age I'll be on election day.
debate_power says2015-06-01T19:25:56.9416416-05:00
@Freedom I know exactly what I'd be getting under Sanders' platform, and I like it. I guess I must be brainwashed.
ConceptEagle says2015-06-02T09:16:20.6133102-05:00
*Bernie Sanders starts a speech in a town of 240 people(including children)* *400 people from up to 50 miles away attend his event*
benhos says2015-06-02T09:39:37.4485597-05:00
Either Bernie, Rand, or Hillary for me. Definitely not Cruz or Rubio.
tajshar2k says2015-06-02T09:40:04.5494548-05:00
Or Bush.
brandenschirpke117 says2015-06-02T09:41:55.7975294-05:00
So far sanders seems like the best option, but i'm still hoping for JIll Stein to run. But she would have to run uner the democrat name to be a viable canidate, she won't get far if she runs under the green party again.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-02T13:18:02.5795048-05:00
So everyone here is pro union, eh? Perhaps we should take a moment to praise our unionized corporations for a moment? First off, GM, thank you for letting your workers unionize to the point that product quality has become second and driving your company to multiple bankruptcies. Bravo.
Preston says2015-06-02T14:05:29.3946720-05:00
I mean we all know you would rather applaud the big farming corporations that enslave illegal immigrants hanging the threat of deportation over their head.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-02T14:43:01.3495480-05:00
Perhaps we shouldn't be luring illegals here by giving non-citizen benefits out to everyone. Solves two problems at once. Then there aren't any illegals to employ. They shouldnt be getting jobs here at all, so threat of deportation is a non-issue.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-02T14:43:59.7367008-05:00
And i especially do not want illegals to be allowed to unionize. Thats the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard of.
Preston says2015-06-02T14:45:41.2592532-05:00
Thats the point, Illigals will come so long as there is pay that is higher here, so you believe we should let them suffer at the hands of businessmen who threaten deportation if they dont work.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-02T14:51:57.8078943-05:00
I think they are the ones weighing that suffering as less than what they would have back home ... Else they'd welcome the deportation. People are going to make their own choices, illegal or no, thats why I emphasize incentivizing things rather than forcing people. Forcing never works. Forcing the businesses wont work either. Youve got to cut the head off by cutting the non-citizen benefits those people seem to deem "worth it" to come here and work those types of jobs.
Preston says2015-06-02T14:54:03.9395459-05:00
So we should allow slavery because they arent citizens?
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-02T15:03:30.9202308-05:00
See ... Backwards logic. No no no ... You should have come to the conclusion that we should not allow illegals, ergo slavery of those illegals becomes a non issue.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-02T15:05:54.6556107-05:00
You don't make a citizen out of the illegal to prevent them from being enslaved. You don't remove the illegality of what theyve done and reward them for it all to protect against slavery.
CyberConor says2015-06-02T18:05:40.4058015-05:00
Hilary= Fascist, liar, criminal, untrustworthy candidate. Bernie= man who wrote a book on RAPE fantasies, a socialist, has some problem with cooperations that were made by the government.... Rand Paul doesnt destroy the middle class, encourages people to work more. Instead of restricting buisnesses, he gives them less power over america, and more freedom.
TheSatiricalAnarchist says2015-06-02T18:46:13.7758302-05:00
Social Democracy is not Socialism...
mystery_man43 says2015-06-03T15:40:19.8970170-05:00
Okay guys! Sorry about the late update. I have added the much anticipated Lindsey Graham.
JohntheRecorderPlayer says2015-06-03T21:56:15.0759621-05:00
So far Jill Stein, but I've voted for both of the major parties and also for 3rd party candidates so I could change my mind the more I learn about the various candidates.
Kylar says2015-06-05T06:38:06.4271971-05:00
Put in Rick Perry and Jeb Bush and Bobby Jindal and Donald Trump :)
Thegreatdebate98 says2015-06-05T11:38:16.4176420-05:00
From Vermont? What isn't that like the most liberal state in America? We should have someone who is a little more in the middle, that way our country doesn't turn into a battle ground... Only making less than 50% of the population happy.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-05T14:03:04.2791402-05:00
Novel idea. That guy is about as extreme left as they come.
TheOpinionist says2015-06-06T17:21:41.2781027-05:00
Bernie Sanders is a socialist who uses capitalism to support his campaign. He sells T-Shirts and coffee mugs on his website. Seriously? 26 people need to do a little more research. That research may even consist of looking at the candidates' OWN WEBSITES!
TheSatiricalAnarchist says2015-06-06T17:34:12.1777592-05:00
Bernie Sanders is not a Socialist. Social Democracy is still Capitalism.
skyfish says2015-06-08T18:56:05.8171702-05:00
Yeah bernie he's got a grip on things.
proton4000 says2015-06-18T20:34:40.5414070-05:00
Jeb Bush is now a candidate, but this poll is over anyway
TylerWaage says2015-08-22T16:30:17.0171432Z
None of the above.
Peter499 says2015-09-01T21:50:20.6637592Z
Bernie? Really?

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