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JManSmile8 says2013-11-17T10:53:07.4247760-06:00
I'd probably say messi here, but if you want an even better vote I'd suggest you add Neymar
briantheliberal says2013-11-18T03:10:09.9412959-06:00
Well it depends... I like both as athletes, but Ronaldo is so hot!
alienfreak900 says2014-01-09T15:00:51.3245536-06:00
Imabench Im pretty sure soccer is better than any sport and its also known as the best sport in the world
soccermessi12 says2014-10-11T07:48:56.7976486-05:00
I say Messi. He's awesome, he's got the skills and he's amazing at soccer. Ronaldo he's cool and all but I like Messi's skills more than Ronaldo's speed. They are both though amazing players.
vuthyneak says2014-12-08T19:06:46.0779769-06:00
I say Ronaldo. He's awesome, he's got the skills and he's amazing at soccer. Messi he's cool and all but I like Ronaldo skills and his speed more than Messi skill. They are both though amazing players.
FDSFSFSFSFDS says2014-12-08T19:10:38.1079147-06:00
Messi is way better
Ps4codgaming says2015-01-23T16:40:33.5477813-06:00
For details looks I pick messi
puta333 says2015-03-04T12:47:01.5925161-06:00
Puta es ronaldo
THEOPINION says2015-03-26T08:59:02.3169211-05:00
Lord bendtner FTW
Humanities says2015-06-16T09:06:55.3436427-05:00
Ronaldo is better because he has been in more teams than messi. Im saying this because messi has been in the same team ever since he started playing for barcelona. Messi is so bad that one other team wants him.
SRNitro says2015-07-08T14:30:16.8839726-05:00
@JManSmile8 ... Neymar?! Bruh. Neymar is lower than both of them. Neymar's overrated and overpriced. Also it's not always about dribbling skills. Ronaldo can jump better, run faster, pass better, and just overall play better than Messi who just has those dribbling skills to back him up.
Gavin226 says2015-07-17T22:04:03.1686614-05:00
Messi may not have as much goals this season but 26% of his goals were one touch and 76% or Ronaldo's were one touches which mean messi sets up his goals more often instead of making his teammates do the work. That why Messi's better. But to love soccer means you bespectacled both

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