Who's more annoying: Campers or People who complain about Campers?

Posted by: Dishoungh

  • Campers

  • People who complain about Campers

16% 4 votes
84% 21 votes
  • I hate Campers don't get me wrong here but when you are playing online the incessant rants from people complaining is really annoying and I absolutely hate it.

  • If you keep getting killed by campers you aren't thinking strategically enough. Meta-game the campers: know where they will camp and either avoid them or take an alternate route to flank them.

  • I complain about campers at times, but I'm also guilty of being a camper myself at other times. I've seen both sides, and I have to say: There's really no point in complaining about them. It can be a legitimate tactic, whether you like it or not.

  • People who complain because they wont stop and its all the time just stop complain and let the other people who's probably a elementary kid play the game the way he wants to play it or just leave that game

  • Everyone has their own playing style. Campers don't really bother me.

    Posted by: Zlehn
  • QUIT CAMPING, YOU JUST SUCK AT THIS GAME GET A LIFE, YOU SUCK AT LIFE TOO YOUR MOM HATES YOU...............is what I hear way too often. I couldn't care less if someone is camping, sure it's annoying, but it makes it more of a challange taking them out instead of running around mindlessly and getting shot in the back.

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howardzinn says2014-04-11T10:48:03.7922851-05:00
What are they?
VoiceofReason1999 says2014-04-12T13:19:05.4612541-05:00
In FPSs when people hide in a corner or some other area and kill people as the run by.
Andrew5659 says2014-06-02T15:28:45.3547772-05:00
Nether if you know how to or if you don't can change your oppinion

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