• George Bush

  • Donald Trump

44% 11 votes
56% 14 votes
  • Increased national debt by $7 trillion over course of Presidency. Lead us into the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1940s. Lead us into the Iraq war - a country that had no involvement with 9/11. Opposed Kyoto Protocol. Over 4 million illegals entered our country during his presidency. Patriot Act - worst anti-privacy law ever. Median household income dropped by nearly $2,000 under his presidency. No child left behind has hurt our education system. His favorability rating when he left office was 19%.

    Posted by: Sarra
  • But only because Trump hasn't been given the opportunity to do something stupid yet, just to talk about doing something.

  • Given the same opportunity, Trump ™ could be just as bad, but Bush holds this title hands down.

    Posted by: TBR
  • Trump may be crazy, but at least he didn't invade Iraq unprovoked based off false claims.

  • Trump is a stupid piece of shit, but he's not evil like bush.

  • His tuopee * shudders* And he's worse because Bush wouldn't go around calling people who disagree with him pigs and dogs and etc.

  • Both have been or would be bad presidents, but Bush does much better things outside politics than Trump does. Bush does so much for Veterans now.

  • Bush is much more civil.

  • Because he is a ruthless pig that degrades women and mexicans. He things be can say what he wants a d still be able to become president. He is arrogant and a piece of shit.

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MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-08-08T19:10:02.8737343Z
All of these answers and nobody asked about the elephant in the room...What is the comparison? You can't ask who is better or who is worse without defining the subject we are comparing.
benhos says2015-08-09T01:01:19.5999643Z
I hate Trump, but I want Bush to die. (dont arrest me please it isn't a threat)
Heterodox says2015-08-09T09:39:40.9573001Z
To my knowledge Trump is not a war criminal.
VladimirLeninIsCool says2015-08-09T12:03:31.4761918Z
This is a HARD one!

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