• KKK/Neo Nazis/white supremacists

  • Antifa/Black Lives Matter

51% 23 votes
49% 22 votes
  • Not much of a debate: one side promotes the notion that all men were created equal, the other denies the founding principle of the Republic while simultaneously demanding superior representation within that Republic. Alt-right's claims are corrupt from the core.

  • I do think that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are almost entirely racist and or extremist, but you really can't agree with the cause of the white supremacists without being racist by definition, while agreeing with (at least the core concept) of when the BLM and Antifa people are saying would mostly be saying that you want equal right for all, as opposed to white supremacists, who are open and blatant racists.

  • This side has committed terrorist attacks that have left hundreds dead. This side also has lynched thousands of innocent black people, and committed atrocities of unspeakable horror in WWll. Whereas Antifa members have done what, said some stupid stuff?

  • Meh. Neo Nazis, KKK, wore supremacists killed maybe 30 people in the last ten years with the leaders going against the people who did it. This against people who burn, riot, openly attack, resulting in tons of deaths with leaders indirectly supporting it. Also, one says to love your race more than others and hates the other races. The other wants to destroy hate with hate. First one is fucked up, and if everyone had this idea we'd basically be a one race earth. If we ask had the second idea there'd be no one left XD

  • Well this is a bullshit. Both are bad but one growing more then the other and that is more of a threat.

  • Well, both the KKK and Neo-Nazis have almost no influence at the moment and are publicly shamed and condemned by everyone who's rational when they do partake in something horrible. Antifa and Black Lives Matter on the other hand have a shit ton of influence and are causing trouble all the time. Whenever there's a protest they don't agree with, they attack and attempt to shut it down. Even out of protest, they preach violence against people and contribute to racial division. But unlike the KKK and Neo-Nazis, they have full media support and protection. It's absolutely disgusting. I haven't even mentioned how Antifa is international. They cause trouble all over the world. The KKK have never had this kind of power or influence. Antifa and BLM are 100% more dangerous.

  • We all know that the Alt-Right, is bad, not to get confused with MOST conservatives which are Alt-Light. Anyway, the point is that Antifa and BLM have somewhat good goals, but they try to reach it the wrong way. At this point Antifa is just attacking people and calling everyone who isn't in Antifa racist and Nazis. BLM hasn't tried to fund ways to make mainly African areas more peaceful, but put their interest more in the police, which try to protect them, but then they attack them. I hope that they all go to the Ghetto and see why the problems that they are fighting against is in the areas that they don't focus on, because this is just ridiculous at this point. Once they fix the gang attacks of colored children/adults of all kinds, and once they do that, than they realize that the US isn't that conservatives are just taking the safe precautions to taking care of all situations, for all, not because we all hate other peoples, but because we want a working society, which involves everyone working to create a better country.

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triangle.128k says2017-08-17T01:23:50.7816655Z
They're both retarded
Case3000Z says2017-08-17T16:08:10.8331526Z
I don't know.
YOUNGandEDUCATED says2017-08-17T23:40:16.4480095Z
ANTIFA believes in furthering their agenda by using hate, bigotry and violence. The KKK and Nazi's have a past of violent and hateful acts. I definitely do not support either but lets look at the current situation. In regard to Charlottesville ANTIFA were the attackers. The white supremacists were saying racist and hateful rhetoric. Though the Nazis were clearly ready for violence with shields and helmets but didn't start it. Again lets just look at the overall analysis of both groups. ANTIFA/BLM: Violence, rioting, looting, destroying public property, and lies to further their beliefs. NAZI/KKK/White supremacist: Use intimidation factors, hate symbols, violence (not as much as ANTIFA) and most importantly planting fear and discrimination into the population who doesn't believe with them. They are both organizations which are not permitted and accepted in this country but I feel BLM/ANTIFA are worse purely because of the violence towards police, government, and any republican/conservative. They also caused thousands if not millions of dollars in state property damage.
Nd2400 says2017-08-18T00:50:23.8446887Z
YOUNGandEDUCATED: first of all this economy was already doing good before trump took office. It because it still under obama policy still. Any new President policy dont actually take place until a year. So tell me how economy look next year at this time. Then we can see if he actually doing a great job or not. You can't judge trump with the economy right now, if the company's already had plans to hire way before he took office. Second if he going to have a trade war with china you can say bye bye to the economy, if you look around the Chinese product is everywhere, so it will truly hurt the economy. Then we have the tax plan which he hasnt look at yet. Plus having the US pay for the wall is stupid, and a other broken promise. We havent even talk about what he will do with north korea, because any thing military will be stupid. Unless the north strike 1st, but they wont. So trump has a up hill climb if he want to be somewhat good at President.
Jirkashunter says2017-08-20T18:48:47.8055610Z
Murder them both
sadolite says2017-08-31T03:19:21.6089781Z
They are the same thing, Both putrid fascist groups. It's their way of thinking or die. Not one iotas difference between them. Either way I am dead if either were to rule and have power.
nerosmoke says2017-09-07T21:26:32.3838207Z
KIll them both anti-fa and BLM are growing more and are more of a threat right now then before.
ConserativeDemocrat says2017-11-01T22:09:21.0126516Z
@YOUNGandEDUCATED - The Alt-Right were also aggressors in Charlotesville. But the worst part of it is that they killed someone. Yea, Antifa is bad, but at least they haven't killed people.

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