Whose rights/privileges are more important?

Vendor or potential customer? Please leave a comment, telling why.

  • The vendor, who feels his rights to free expression are being violated and he is having to commit actions against his will.

  • The potential customer, who feels that he has the right to be served by any who he so demands.

100% 14 votes
0% No votes
  • A business is something someone puts a lot of themselves into, and is normally personally owned. It is their property. If they make a decision to turn away a paying customer, so be it. They should be allowed to let people use their property and turn them away, and if people don't like their decision, vote with your wallet.

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sayvillees says2017-07-10T15:52:57.4502831Z
This assumes that these are the only two choices.
Anonymous says2017-07-10T16:44:17.6032378Z
What would you say?
Anitabab01 says2018-07-03T13:07:27.0770370Z
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