Why are Americans stupid?

Posted by: iliketodebatestuff

Sure there are some that aren't but the vast majority sadly are. When we have the lies that certain media outlets parade around and the people buy into them no matter how crazy they sound you can't tell me some amount of stupidity is present within a person.

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Seido says2014-05-02T10:20:53.9164479-05:00
None of the above. Americans are not particularly "stupid". Humans, in general, are stupid. We, as Americans, are just focused on because we live in a country that is extremely powerful. In addition, outside of a few others, America has one of the highest populations of any country in the world. This means that, in comparison to most other countries, there's just more people to do idiotic things.
Fight4Liberty says2014-05-02T16:58:31.3327272-05:00
We are taught we are superior from a young age. Hence, American's never realize you must confess your own ignorance in order to obtain earthly knowlege.
Shadowhuntress says2014-05-02T17:19:31.1598653-05:00
We are not stupid! You have no right to say so
BasicLogic says2014-05-02T17:22:13.0889033-05:00
We are in the mid 20s for math and science worldwide, yet we spend the most per student and have the "most advanced" school system. Not all Americans are stupid, but when you are in one of the richest countries, you should at least know math
Shadowhuntress says2014-05-02T17:25:57.3425269-05:00
20 out of 300ish countries. Yep totally stupid
BasicLogic says2014-05-02T17:28:36.4313269-05:00
We spend the most on education per student
BasicLogic says2014-05-02T17:42:12.0304406-05:00
Little story http://nypost.com/2013/10/08/us-adults-are-dumber-than-the-average-human/
guntherstauffenberg says2014-05-02T20:50:01.5953269-05:00
Just look at the answers and it is an example of how stupid American's are.
Venusara says2014-05-03T18:48:07.1587129-05:00
@OP may I ask you if there are certain countries that you know of that have never had their people been influenced by the government or media?
SweetTea says2014-05-05T08:01:37.8010849-05:00
You are confusing stupidity with stubbornness and pure opposition. There's a difference.
theOmniscient says2014-05-05T10:18:54.3311779-05:00
Education is not the same as intelligence.
BasicLogic says2014-05-05T11:57:57.5219808-05:00
True, but the average IQ is 98 (19th place on the list http://www.statisticbrain.com/countries-with-the-highest-lowest-average-iq/). You think that being the richest and most powerful nation will at least be in the top 5
ChadIrvin says2014-05-15T00:09:17.2892567-05:00
What an ignorant post.
vivia says2014-06-24T08:12:46.7582725-05:00
What idiot made this poll?

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