Why are Christian's the biggest hypocrites and the first people to not do what Christ asks?

Posted by: 1814Username

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Many Christians use religion to feel superior to others.

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Many Christians literally do not know the bible or how Christ lived his life.

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Christians are delusional. After all, they used the bible to condone war and slavery.

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Many Christians are just hypocrites.

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1814Username says2014-08-15T15:34:15.4204891-05:00
I am Christian so do not think I am being biased. I just see the reality of things. The second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. Yet many Christians throw stones, condemn people to life in prison even though everyone sins, the condemn gays who they do not even know, they advocate war when even though they know killing is against God, and they bilk the public out of money. We forget that the South used Christianity to justify slavery. Heck, they still do it today. The slaves just went to prison where the Southern states make billions off of free labor.
1814Username says2014-08-15T15:35:53.4681279-05:00
It is so ironic too because a) Christ was a convict, b) The first person Christ took to heaven was a thief, c) Christ spoke extensively about mercy, forgiveness, peace, and love. Then he literally spoke about casting the first stone. Yet, all Christians do is throw boulders. So hypocritical.
miraculous says2014-08-15T15:39:00.4329345-05:00
I'm an atheist yet I fail to understand your question. How exactly are they commiting sins in which christ asked not to be committed? How are they being hypocritical?
1814Username says2014-08-15T15:40:56.6443581-05:00
I did not mention anything about committing sins.
1814Username says2014-08-15T15:46:22.7530293-05:00
I don't have enough time to write about all the hypocrisy. But I will give you examples. Christ said to forgive yet we lock people in prisons for decades and destroy lives. Christ says to give to the poor but many Christians do nothing but accumulate wealth. Christ says to be peaceful, yet we are the nation that constantly goes to war. In the Southern Bible belt states, the sentences are the worst, the states profit the most off of prison labor, the states profit the most off of arrests. In every Church in America, a preacher will be casting stones. In the protestant religion alone, there are 31,000 different denominations and all go by different rules. Christ was an immigrant. He had to flea persecution, yet we want to close our borders to people who are suffering. The list goes on and on.
miraculous says2014-08-15T16:09:50.3319142-05:00
Excuse the misunderstanding, I simply assumed that not following Christ's words counted as sinning. However, your response was very agreeable.
debate_power says2014-08-15T16:32:34.4858731-05:00
I'm tired of people who only claim to be Christian too. I'm a Christian and it saddens me when I see the aggressive, imperialistic, war-obsessed nation of hypocrites we have become.
1814Username says2014-08-15T16:47:54.9694118-05:00
No problem. As a Christian, it bugs me that we do nothing that Christ really asks of us. Now don't get me wrong -- it is not ALL Christians, but many. Also, don't get me wrong, I completely believe in Christianity. Jesus Christ is the only person worth following.
debate_power says2014-08-15T16:48:39.8259281-05:00
This is true.
1814Username says2014-08-15T16:56:05.5582711-05:00
I learned long ago, that if you want to follow Christ you cannot follow a King, Country, Establishment, Organization, Church, government or Ideology. You must follow him. I also learned that if you follow Christ you will suffer as he did because this world is messed up. Really think about it. We send people to prison for smoking an herb. Right now there are hundreds of people wasting away in prison for smoking an herb. I challenge anyone to stand before Christ and say that is just. He will laugh at you.
SweetTea says2014-08-16T14:55:45.2054242-05:00
Human beings sin. It is our nature. Being a Christian doesn't make any individual perfect. No religion is capable of that. And, let's be brutally honest, being an Atheists doesn't either.
Caseo7 says2015-12-07T23:29:59.0445948Z
I am a christan I'm feel upset about this debate we are not judging to others we are not hypocrites we have the freedom of speech in America I believe that Christianity is the only true religion in the world but we will find out when we die we go to heaven or hell Belize or do not believe have faith will do not healthy or don't or have faith but you will find out

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