Why are most Atheists/Agnostics Pro-Choice?

Posted by: PreferNotToBeLabeled

Ever since I choose a side on abortion I have been puzzled as to why this is the case. I am personally an Atheist that is Pro-Life. I don't see why my fellow Atheists would choose to be Pro-Choice. I believe that science shows us how precious life is not the opposite. Anyone can vote on this poll, but please clarify your reasoning by either choosing one or adding a new one.

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It's against religious groups.

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Science shows us human life is disposable.

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It's correct

Completely unbiased.
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debatability says2014-07-12T14:21:43.7032799-05:00
I think that when looking at the stardards of the bible, most would agree that abortion is wrong. However, when looking at both science and secular morals (things that athiests and agnostics believe), there is a lot of room to argue whether or not abortion is permissible. I think it coms down to what they value more... The rights of a fetus or the rights of a mother. Both sides have very valid arguments in my opinion.
debatability says2014-07-12T14:22:31.4704799-05:00
Also, athiests/agnostics don't favor the pro choice stand point because religious groups are pro life. That wouldn't make any sense.
Haroush says2014-07-12T14:25:05.8324799-05:00
Sure it would, just look at how atheist don't believe religious institutions shouldn't play no part in adoption services.
patrick967 says2014-07-12T14:49:32.7360780-05:00
Give me one good reason why religious institutions should be involved in adoption services. Religion has nothing to do with being adopted, so there is no need to bring it into the process.
ThoughtsandThoughts says2014-07-12T14:50:36.6989427-05:00
Here goes my answer to your question, but I won't start with atheists or agnostics: Many Christians and Catholics believe that God attributes significance to any human life that's been created. They believe it is His will for those lives to continue, even at conception, when the developing baby is just a zygote. A zygote is basically a dividing ball of cells. Religious beliefs suggest that the zygote has some kind of soul. Some people believe that aborting an embryo/fetus could deprive the baby of God's plan for him or her. Many atheists and agnostics aren't concerned about this because, obviously, they don't believe in God. Pro-choice advocates are concerned with this question: "Would it be financially, emotionally, and/or physically better for the baby and/or parents if the baby wasn't born?" They typically aren't taking into question the potential life of the developing zygote. To them, all eggs and sperms are potential lives. And chronologically speaking, a zygote is closer to a sperm and egg than it is to a human. However, many pro-choice people do feel as though aborting after a certain time in the pregnancy is a bit morally grayer - because of the baby's pain perception. Finally, even if pro-choice advocates care about the potential life, they may believe the suffering it or its mother would endure because of the pregnancy outweighs its potential life. I hope this answers your question =)
Cold-Mind says2014-07-12T14:56:37.9243565-05:00
It is because religious leaders said abortion is bad. Religious people listen to religious leaders. Most of atheists listen to reason. Reasoning goes like this: Fetus is part of woman's body. Woman should be, by the principle of liberty, able to decide what to do with her own body. "Murdering" is not the right word for destroying fetus, since it can not sustain life on its own. It can only survive by woman's body feeding him. He is basically her parasite. People who are pro-life are usually killing mosquitos. Adult mosquito has much more cognitive functions than fetus.
discomfiting says2014-07-12T14:58:29.7458647-05:00
The animals you eat are more alive than a fetus; most pro-lifers don't care about it being alive. That's BS. It's about judgement. Which is why they're generally not okay with killing what they see as "innocent person" but are okay with something they see as a bad person which is generally why they support capital punishment. It's about judgement, not life. /most/ not ALL!
1814Username says2014-07-12T14:59:05.8988423-05:00
No one has the right to snuff out a life in any stage of development. It is that simple. If you believe in abortion, you must believe in murder because it is the same thing. One person ending another person's life at some stage of development. Aborting a fetus at 10 days old is the same thing as murdering someone at 10 years old. The real challenge for mankind is to value every single life and to create a world where all life is taken care of. Let's face facts. If we wanted, we could provide homes for everyone. Food for everyone. Healthcare for everyone. But we do not do it because people want to amass wealth that will not do them any good once we are dead.
1313socialist says2014-07-12T15:00:59.1548423-05:00
Im an atheist and ive never had a strong opinion either way.
Geogeer says2014-07-12T15:13:43.9155654-05:00
Because there is no reason for atheists to believe in an objective truth. Everything becomes what you personally feel it should be.
Geogeer says2014-07-12T15:17:49.0695654-05:00
@ Parick967 - religious institutions are involved in adoption because Christians always have been. Romans used to put their unwanted newborns on the shores of the Tiber to be washed away. The Christians would come and collect the children before that happened. @ cold mind - false the unborn are not part of the mother's body. @discomfiting - It is not about judgement. It is all about defending the rights of all humans from the beginning to the end.
BblackkBbirdd says2014-07-12T15:28:26.7312340-05:00
So biased, it's stupid.
Formerland1 says2014-07-12T18:48:45.6634936-05:00
It's that athiests don't believe that life begins at conception .
reece says2014-07-12T19:22:21.7692830-05:00
I reckon 4 billion years of evolutionary transmutation makes better poetry than some god ruining the picture.
Haroush says2014-07-12T21:02:16.1826194-05:00
RH negative anyone?
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-13T17:26:58.2662577-05:00
@blackbird, you can add your own answers.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-13T17:28:03.5522577-05:00
@formerland1, I'm an atheist and I believe that science shows us life begins at conception.
AlexanderOc says2014-07-13T18:04:28.6275982-05:00
There is no option to add options, that's why nobody has.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-14T01:57:25.5830268-05:00
Ah, shoot. My bad.

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