Why aren't UFOs/Aliens viewed as being as important as terrorists?

Posted by: 1814Username

We talks so much of terrorists in America. Terrorists we never really see. Yet, every year 800,000 Americans go missing and we have thousands of UFO sightings. Let's face facts. If UFOs/Aliens are real, they pose a greater threat to us than anything else does. They could annihilate us without even landing on the planet and they are stealing people --- literally stealing people.

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They don't exist. The tens of thousands of people making reports are crazy people.

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Bible thumpers will never admit to aliens and how many of the stories in the bible sound very much like alien encounters.

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We know they exist but can do nothing about them. Americans are already afraid of their shadows. They couldn't handle knowing an advanced intelligence exists that has dominion over the planet.

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There is no benefit to be made off of aliens. With real or fake terrorists, the government can suppress the masses and spy on them.

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They do exist but we are working with them. Who are we kidding? We went from the vacuum tube to microchip over night. For thousands upon thousands of years, we didn't advance and then in eighty short years, we advanced unbelievably fast. We simply are getting help. We all know it.

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Human beings are arrogant and we will never say they exist. We think we are the pinnacle of creation when it is so obvious we are not. We aren't even close. We live in a backwater planet on the outskirts of universe that is billions upon billions of years old. Who are we kidding?

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1814Username says2014-07-26T06:44:36.0891552-05:00
There are way too many credible sources to dismiss aliens. When you have entire governments releasing their UFO files, something is going on. (Don't just look at America. Look at all the world's governments. America is not the norm in the world. I hate to tell people. Out of all the people in the world, Americans will be the last to know anything.) When you have commanders of nuclear arsenals going on record saying UFOs shut down their facilities, then you better start listening. Much more is going on than we know. When you see a display like the Phoneix lights, something is going on. Thousands of people saw a mile long craft. The government dismissed it as flares but where so inept that they sad the flares dropped at 10:00pm, yet all the reports of the craft started at 8:15. It is all laughable.
1814Username says2014-07-26T06:49:59.7184568-05:00
By the way, here is an interesting article on missing people: http://facts.randomhistory.com/missing-persons-facts.html
reece says2014-07-26T06:53:55.8972058-05:00
Also muletry radar of UFO's doing right angle turns going extremely fast , etc etc etc
reece says2014-07-26T06:54:18.2836363-05:00
1814Username says2014-07-26T07:02:52.3510452-05:00
The following is direct footage from a shuttle missing (STS 48). If that is not a craft being shot at, then I do not know what will convince people. The government explained it away as an "ice crystal". Who are they kidding? http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=shuttle+mission+sts+48
reece says2014-07-26T07:12:55.3587181-05:00
:/ yeah I've seen the video.It's meant to be an ice crystal that got pushed by the shuttles thrusters. Here's Bill Nye trying to debate these people, watch it at 7:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sby-c9CTVk
1814Username says2014-07-26T07:26:44.8422694-05:00
Yeah, ice crystals do not stop and change direction in a weightless environment. They most certainly do not do that in advance of a projectile.
discomfiting says2014-07-26T10:22:43.9209247-05:00
Reece, i love TYT
reece says2014-07-26T10:35:01.2847045-05:00
@discomfiting They're the future of news.
quitbitchin says2014-07-26T11:44:38.7556869-05:00
Can't you just make a poll that gives us better options! This poll wasn't actually too bad, but then I stopped when you typed in on option 2 that people couldn't handle aliens.
1814Username says2014-07-26T13:11:55.3793413-05:00
People couldn't handle aliens. Heck, people still have problems with a human with different skin color. What happens when an alien shows up that looks like a giant bug or some other creature we don't like on this planet. America would panic. It would be chaos and utter panic. The economy would collapse overnight because if aliens can get here, they are not using oil. Religion would panic and then some fool out there would start a religion worshipping the aliens. It would be chaos.
FuzzyCatPotato says2014-07-26T14:03:19.0443982-05:00
Look, it's probable that aliens exist. But if they do, they wouldn't know that humans exist yet, and definitely wouldn't have visited Earth. It's only been 78 years since Hitler's 1936 Olympic speech, supposedly the first to penetrate the atmosphere with any strength. Even if they noticed, why would they care? It's probable that they are either too technologically inadvanced to do anything about it, or are so technologically advanced that we are as ants.
Formerland1 says2014-07-26T14:31:00.2927151-05:00
This poll is a little bias .
Formerland1 says2014-07-26T14:32:37.7165886-05:00
They exist but we haven't made contact . The tech boom was created by elaborating on Nazi technologies .
FuzzyCatPotato says2014-07-26T14:54:37.7827740-05:00
" The tech boom was created by elaborating on Nazi technologies ." Yeah, no, sorry, computers weren't and aren't exclusively German.
Kreakin says2014-07-27T05:08:23.0411834-05:00
Brits created the first binary machine.Hence IBM - (Imperial Binary Machines). And the internet btw, just saying : ) We don't worry about Aliens because they can't find us we are so small compared to the Universe. If they could find us we would not have any defense against that level of technology so best hope they are here to help.
1814Username says2014-07-27T16:36:01.2893439-05:00
Hmmm... They can't find us? So you don't suppose advanced life that has possibly been around for billions of years isn't looking for life and planets with resources? Heck, what are we doing? To me, it is clear we have gotten help. Lots of it. For 7,000 years, we advanced to the car by the late 1800's and early 1900's. After the wave of 1940 crashes of alien craft, we advanced so rapidly that we now have craft that can get anywhere in the world in 3 hours and we are genetically manipulating everything. Who are we kidding? Something happened to advance us this rapidly. The rumor is that Eisenhower signed a treaty with alien lifeforms. Looks to me like after that was done --- technology booms came from everywhere.
rphk123 says2014-07-27T17:16:06.2495699-05:00
We have no idea what to expect. Aliens could potentially be anything from friendly to evil to big and small. We would have to play it by year.

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