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Because he was running against Mitt Romney.

12 votes

Because he is Black

9 votes

I can't say. I didn't vote for him.

3 votes

Because he did a good job.

2 votes

Why Not.

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His diplomacy is rational

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GoOrDin says2014-11-06T15:53:51.1035152-06:00
His diplomacy is rational.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2014-11-06T15:56:20.9258443-06:00
@GoOrDin You should put that as an answer so we can see how many votes it gets. (j/k)
GoOrDin says2014-11-06T16:00:24.5884919-06:00
I already voted
FreedomBeforeEquality says2014-11-06T16:04:40.6209516-06:00
It's all good. I know where you stand.
Stalin_Mario says2014-11-06T16:13:25.0141023-06:00
Mitt Romney was a worse leader, and overall a worse person.
Gustav_Adolf_II says2014-11-06T18:10:44.6478011-06:00
People voted for Obama because he was the best choice out of the two candidates. He wasn't good, he was just the best of the worst.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2014-11-06T20:57:43.7650595-06:00
Mitt never made the statement that he would '' ask the rich to pay a little more'', therefore he was not as bad as Barack. He came into the ring with promises of f'ed up socialism. There were no surprises. Why does everyone act surprised like he failed you or something? He ruined things just the way he proposed he would. The way you ultimately wanted him to. Congrats.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2014-11-06T21:02:43.9509102-06:00
@Stalin-Mario I don't know how that statement could be true here now in retrospect. If Mitt had sat on his hands and done nothing but collect his paycheck as president he would have done a better job. I'm not exaggerating either. He literally would have performed the duties of the office better by not doing anything. And we all would have been better off for it.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2014-11-06T21:06:40.7136175-06:00
To barracks defense though, he had the capability to be equally as good of a president as Mitt. But he signed our rights away and ruined it. Congress even tried to keep him on track and block everything and he still pushed bad legislation through.
blackkid says2014-11-07T10:16:21.2659238-06:00
The one thing I don't like about opinions is that they are often formulated off of biased standards. How, in a definitive manner, are we "worse off" under any given legislation? Where are The People losing?
FreedomBeforeEquality says2014-11-07T11:37:32.8808338-06:00
Anytime you force someone to do something they don't want it's a loss. Legislation is always treading on someone out there. This one just so happens to harm the majority vs. A minority, which makes it extra extra bad.
blackkid says2014-11-07T15:12:23.1805103-06:00
But "how"? That's the problem. It's just a claim. What specific legislation even?
FreedomBeforeEquality says2014-11-07T15:30:00.6794698-06:00
You know of the one i speak. O.O But how? By taking more than it pays out. Its a service for something that does these things: Makes people buy it regardless of the amount they use it. Affords them an artificially lower premium if they use it more. The artificial decrease is covered by those same people who didn't want it in the first place. Requires several middle management systems that perform literally no value added work to the service. One of them being the government. Deprives a greater number of people a greater number of funds to upkeep the system than the system itself pays to its patients. (oops i gave it away) Decreases the amount that actually goes to the skilled workers (doctors) and distributes it more to the medical management level (unskilled and non value added workers). Totally disregards the persons will about how they want to live their life, spend their money, and invest in only what they believe in. I could go on but i fear no one would read the post if it was much longer. (if they haven't given up already)
FreedomBeforeEquality says2014-11-07T15:33:42.4476482-06:00
Social security can be rolled right up in there too. Along with a requirement for home owners insurance (since it often never covers what is actually going to happen to your house, I have to buy an entire separate policy for those real life incidents), car insurance (a bank account that i throw thousands into a year, doesn't earn me interest or any points for not withdrawing from it, and gives me a hard time giving me any of it back when i need it)
SNP1 says2014-11-07T21:21:57.6202711-06:00
To the people saying "because he is black", you do realize that most African American voters vote liberal, right? It would hardly change it.
blackkid says2014-11-07T21:23:21.8624311-06:00
First the fact that people complain about health insurance makes no sense. Very few people actually look at the fact that you pay all of these premiums anyway; the emergency room visits and JIT healthcare comes out in the form of taxes anyway and gets passed on to all of us and is often far more expensive than otherwise. Furthermore the whole concept of "you should take care of yourself" and forcing people to pay their OWN premiums makes sense; the argument against it is that "If I don't want to pay for myself I shouldn't have to!" which is ... Dumb. Really, really dumb. Then when you are dying and on SSDI you're not only sucking off the system but you're doing so without ever actually having made any attempt to prevent your current state. There is a reason why this type of healthcare is popular worldwide and how freaking dumb Americans are being about it is surprising. As for hour insurance and car insurance I can see where one would have those complaints albeit you do have the same JIT behavior where a person gets into an accident and suddenly it costs $20,000 upfront and there's a lawsuit to go through without any litigating parties meaning lawyers have to be hired as well. I don't like insurance as much as the next guy but I think it's way better than JIT behavior because America is one of the worst countries for savings despite their pride (http://www.Huffingtonpost.Com/2014/10/27/die-than-retire-poor_n_6042682.Html + making them all the more foolish and laughable. Their complaints are empty.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2014-11-07T21:37:31.4290143-06:00
@Blackkid 1) You make the assumption that everyone is going to the emergency room for care. No. I have never been to the emergency room ever. I venture to guess there are more people like me than people who have gone. I'd also go as far as to say people who have gone are some multitude more likely to go multiple times. These people are the very same using the healthcare beyond what they pay in. ER visit bills are not a valid argument when talking about the majority of people as they majority never go to the ER anyways. 2) "you should take care of yourself" and forcing people to pay their OWN premiums makes sense; the argument against it is that "If I don't want to pay for myself I shouldn't have to!" - Youre right ... That was a really really dumb counter argument to "you should take care of yourself". 3) Ever consider that they might be bad at saving because it's becoming more and more prevalent that they don't have to save their own money anymore? Because they think its the states responsibility to care for them? The ones not saving are the same ones voting for money and gov't benefits at the polls.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2014-11-07T21:39:12.2543995-06:00
If their complaints are so empty and unfounded then I ask why we entertain them with gov't assistance? Dosesn't that at all seem contrary to you?

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