Why do bullies deny bullying their victim sometimes?

Posted by: that_teenage_singer_girl

I've been bullied by this one girl a couple years older than me, and she denies bullying me. It drives me nuts. She blames it on me.

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They don't want to admit to their mistakes

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This as meaning they don't want to admit they've done anything wrong and want to make themselves look like a goody two shoes.


They don't want to get in trouble

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They don't want to be exposed and get in trouble with their teachers and parents for bullying other people.


They want to be able to keep bullying the other person

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They want to keep getting away with the bullying, and make the other person's life as miserable as possible.

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PetersSmith says2017-05-28T03:30:31.7593757Z
All of the above lol
reece says2017-05-28T05:00:53.4925757Z
She might be a closet case.
PowerPikachu21 says2017-05-29T15:42:29.1986950Z
Well, not getting in trouble helps with bullying people more.
idoubtit says2017-06-27T00:57:58.8015682Z
Mind games are part of bullying and denial is a mind game.
Anitabab01 says2018-07-03T13:07:50.6018370Z
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