Why do Christians push their religions on us?

Posted by: patrick967

Please realize this is a spoof of another poll- http://www.debate.org/polls/why-do-atheists-push-their-religion-on-us

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They aren't, I'm a conservative/Christian that doesn't think "saving people" is pressing my religion

12 votes

Because they know their claims are false, they need them for membership

6 votes
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Because they are very stupid and need an imaginary friend to guide them through their lives

5 votes

They need support; the 2.5 billion Christians are not enough

2 votes

The Flying Spaghetti Monster told them to

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briantheliberal says2014-06-27T15:49:31.5798971-05:00
What exactly are they saving us from? The imaginary hell created by their imaginary god? No thanks.
Cold-Mind says2014-06-27T16:21:36.4575493-05:00
People of all religions push their religions to others. Not just religion, but all beliefs. What is your problem?
Loveshismom says2014-06-27T16:47:17.0335282-05:00
This is an offensive and biased poll.
lifemeansevolutionisgood says2014-06-27T16:48:56.3150260-05:00
Loveshismom: Read the description. It is in response to another poll.
Loveshismom says2014-06-27T17:01:17.1305439-05:00
I know that.
lifemeansevolutionisgood says2014-06-27T17:03:40.0998565-05:00
And you don't find the other one biased and offensive?
Oromagi says2014-06-27T17:19:08.0401387-05:00
Because if you genuinely believe that a person's immortal soul will punished for eternity without salvation then it would be immoral for you to act otherwise, right? If you look at it from the Christian point of view, you are about to fall into a deep well of forever and the Christian is merely yelling a "head's up" at you. I'm not a Christian myself, but I can certainly respect their persistence and urgency from that point of view.
PinValentine says2014-06-27T18:15:02.8657545-05:00
This is an unfair and biased poll. As an atheist, Christians do not deserve any bias, whether you agree with them or not. Have an open mind.
mishapqueen says2014-06-27T18:18:01.8749665-05:00
I, as a Christian, greatly appreciate your comments.
SweetTea says2014-06-27T19:02:56.0049087-05:00
I have often wondered why atheists feel the need to push their lack of beliefs. I don't press anybody to become a Christian, or to believe in any religion. In America, we have freedom of religion. I respect that. But I find that many non-believers just cannot seem to extend the same courtesy to me. Why is that? Are they threatened by the thought and/or concept of religion? Are they afraid they might be wrong? Do they disagree with religious freedom? I don't know.
YamaVonKarma says2014-06-27T19:22:50.8297950-05:00
"Freedom of religion" is a very choice term. The entire topic should be left out of public areas and practiced in private. If you practice in public, you should be ready for criticism.
ericcolantonio9 says2014-06-27T19:28:37.9734246-05:00
Who cares. Push whatever wacky beliefs you have on me and I will do my best to respect your opinion. Just keep you religion (whatever it may be) out of politics and schools, and don't judge people based on their religion/lack of religion.
SweetTea says2014-06-27T19:33:27.2176134-05:00
YamaVonKarma ... I agree. I personally don't practice in "public", unless you consider being in church "public". However, many Christians believe that they should openly PROSELYTIZE their faith. They usually impose it on other Christians as well as non-Christians & non-believers. I don't appreciate it & I'm sure others resent it, too.
Dilara says2014-06-27T20:55:05.2834099-05:00
If god would send a good person to hell for not being a Christian I don't want to go to his heaven. I'd rather to go to hell to be with my dead muslim relatives than some horrible being. God sends all good people to heaven. He doesn't discriminate.
Dilara says2014-06-27T21:01:20.9939333-05:00
Atheists also tend to push their beliefs on others. I know many atheists who would always say "god isn't real" out if the blue. We'd be having lunch in the cafeteria and someone would say something like "in church we did this activity" (which is not pushing religion) and he would be like "god doesn't exist". We're all sitting there like "what the hell why'd you say that. That was random". Sometimes atheists would just ask me if I believed in god and when I said yes they would start to lecture me about how god isn't real...Evolution this and science that.
lifemeansevolutionisgood says2014-06-27T23:12:32.5717491-05:00
@Dilara: Salvation by faith allows for evil people to have paradise and good people to have damnation. This is not a logical system to have and would not be implemented by a perfect deity. Salvation by deed seems good, but the flaw is that it would give infinite punishment to finite "crime". This is not a fair system either and would not be implemented by a perfect deity. The only 2 logical positions for an afterlife are universal afterlife or no afterlife.
LittleBallofHATE says2014-06-28T01:05:28.6696746-05:00
Test. OK. It's working again.
LittleBallofHATE says2014-06-28T01:16:57.7556401-05:00
What is wrong with this website? I can post this, but it won't let me address a comment to someone.
patrick967 says2014-06-28T21:33:51.1718980-05:00
@PinValentine It's poking fun at another poll, read the description.
yetifivepecks says2014-07-16T14:20:08.4015726-05:00
For many and varying reasons. Mostly some combination of 1-3.

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