Why do some American "liberals" tiptoe around offending Islam when it clearly rejects free principles.

Posted by: Renegader

It is quite evident, through polling and research, that the majority of muslims hold ancient conservative views. People who are about to make the "few bad apples" argument should just leave this poll now.

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All of these

7 votes

They fear being called a xenophobe, islamophobe, or racist. Basically cowards (fear)

2 votes

They would rather be "multicultural" and "tolerant" than defend democratic principles (political correctness)

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They believe if they do nothing, Islam will peacefully assimilate without conquest (delusion)

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ChosenWolff says2014-07-16T00:17:45.7814331-05:00
Any principles rejected in Islam are also rejected in strict christian doctrine. They call it sharia. We don't have a name for our "divine law". What principles are you talking bout btw
MettaWorldPeace says2014-07-16T01:25:01.5696024-05:00
This is not a skewed poll...
Preston says2014-07-16T08:21:43.8817802-05:00
I think its funny that he has such a skewed view on islam
labarum says2014-07-16T13:27:05.6233264-05:00
This is not a skewed view of Islam, this is dead on accurate. Chosen wolf, Sharia law and new testament divine law are incredibly different! What Jesus says is how we should act, this is new testament divine law. What the quarn says about sharia law is almost stark different.
patrick967 says2014-07-16T14:22:10.6990799-05:00
News flash people! Most Muslims aren't terrorists!
Preston says2014-07-16T14:22:58.1698799-05:00
Majority of muslims hold ancient conservative views is a skewed statement, so yes lab its skewed
Renegader says2014-07-16T19:39:51.6253876-05:00
Skewed is it?Http://www.Americanthinker.Com/blog/2012/11/sixty_percent_of_us_muslims_reject_freedom_of_expression.Html
Renegader says2014-07-16T19:41:11.6071003-05:00
Skewed is it? Www.Americanthinker.Com/blog/2012/11/sixty_percent_of_us_muslims_reject_freedom_of_expression.Html
Renegader says2014-07-16T19:47:24.1675331-05:00
How is it skewed? There is no denying that a large portion of muslims find it blasphemous to depict anything related to Muhammad in the media. A huge amount also oppose gay rights. By free principles I merely meant freedom of speech and expression. Knew there would be at least one troll making the bad apples argument and quoting me as saying "terrorist."
SweetTea says2014-07-17T07:02:52.8022664-05:00
IN America, we have freedom of religion. Did you forget that? Islam is a religion. Nobody is asking you to practice it, but in this country people have the right to practice Islam if they choose. So, Liberals aren't trying to tiptoe around anything. It's called the U.s. Constitution -- read it! Http://www.Usconstitution.Net/xconst_Am1.Html
Preston says2014-07-17T07:05:04.0142998-05:00
You moron, you realize even in places like Iran, a theocracy, they aren't strict about religion they don't hold "ANCIENT CONSERVATIVE VIEWS" many of them hold modernized views and liberal views, so yea its SKEWED.
Preston says2014-07-17T07:05:30.0588662-05:00
And your link goes no where
labarum says2014-07-17T10:59:03.0490665-05:00
Preston, perhaps this site is a little to grown up for you. Because Iran is under sharia, law that was written in 600 AD. Yeah, they and any other sharia nation are conservative.
Preston says2014-07-17T11:09:47.2522639-05:00
Maybe you are just confused, how about you goto Iran, like I did, and go teach in a school. When you see that its not centered around "Ancient" views, people aren't stoning each other in the street, when the call to prayer happens people don't drop to the ground, they ignore it and keep working, take a picture of your face and send it to me. Once I get past the fact your 6 maybe 7, I will laugh.
Renegader says2014-07-19T14:19:13.4299615-05:00
Preston you are clearly ignorant. I simply meant that Islam should be able to be criticized without mass rioting overseas. See the Danish cartoon incident since you refuse to accept reality. As a wise man Christopher Hitchens once said, "Islamophobia - a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons."

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