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We were made to serve God.

In God we trust.
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I don't know?

Fools that never think...
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We are here by accident.

Many people use science as their religion, but yet fear God.
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We were made to conquer the universe.

The sprirt of conquest...
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Linkish1O2 says2013-12-13T20:44:50.0500835-06:00
We are here to live in a hell and die knowing that we are just a sad sad race of people.
Macgreggor says2013-12-13T22:03:57.5820903-06:00
In the blurred reality of humanity you can be sure of one thing, then surely it is that you exist. Even if the world were a dream or a hallucination, it would still need you to be dreaming or hallucinating it. And if you know nothing else about yourself, surely you know that you have a mind, one perspective on the world, one unified consciousness? Astonishing though this thesis can sound, there is a danger here that we could overstate just what this lack of a unified pearl of self at the heart of us really means. Many writers, such as Blackmore and Metzinger, draw the conclusion that the self is an illusion. This is true in the sense that it is not what it seems to be. But that is not to say that the self doesn't exist. Think if you must of the simple statement made by Descartes; "cogito, ergo sum"
Macgreggor says2013-12-13T22:36:42.7693429-06:00
Linkish102 had a good answer as well.
Anonymous says2013-12-13T22:54:13.2081589-06:00
No add an option answe?
jesusfreak22 says2013-12-14T10:48:46.6380276-06:00
We were made to carry out the will of God... That was our original purpose, and forever shall it remain.
EpicurusofSamos says2013-12-14T15:40:04.8061544-06:00
We are the product of random occurance, as this is what evolution is, and why we are here is just as simple. To have children. Our main goal according to biology if you don't add in the whole human elemant, is the goal to pass on our genes; this is another mechanic of evolution and these mechanics are why we really exist. Remember though evolution is just a theory, and who knows we might just be a marble on phone light, but evolution makes the most sense to me, so this to me is why we exist.
ianspigler says2013-12-15T18:27:37.1667851-06:00
There is not an answer worthy of the name. Many people over the ages have tried to answer why god/first cause/the cosmic/ the deity created us. Some have suggested that the deity had something to gain by creating the universe but that's foolish, what could an all-powerful deity gain it didn't already posses? Others have suggested that the deity was lonely but this is false for how could an all-powerful deity be lonely? Still others have suggested that the deity was compelled by an internal nature to create but that would suggest that there is a force outside the deity, that something acted on the deity and how can that be? All that we know is that the physical universe exists, that the deity created it, and that it derives some satisfaction from creating otherwise, why would it create? To ask this question is philosphy, to answer it wholly depends on your metaphysical/religious inclinations. And whatever your answer is your right!
jesusfreak22 says2013-12-16T20:05:08.6229681-06:00
@EpicurusofSamos- yes, we are to reproduce and carry on human life, but that is just a co-purpose. We have to do that in order to carry out our true intent, which is to take care of God's planet.
jesusfreak22 says2013-12-16T20:07:12.1794351-06:00
@ianspigler- that is a very deep answer, yet, very true. We were created by an all-powerful, intellectual God. He did not create the world to gain anything, nor because he was lonely. It will forever remain a mystery because our minds are not capable of comprehending such things. We live in a 2 dimentional world, whereas God lives in 3. Therefore, we will never fully understand his ways.
shaddamcorrinoIV says2013-12-21T16:15:47.5837801-06:00
@macgregor, hume refuted that argument a long time ago, there's no way to prove your existance.
Jonbonbon says2013-12-21T23:00:44.9045595-06:00
@shaddamcorrinoIV: that's the stupidest thing I've ever hear. Well, not really, but it's about there.
MountainLynx says2015-02-09T19:12:41.7031786-06:00
Here is the REAL answer to this question: NOBODY HERE KNOWS. Stop pretending you know the answer to this question.

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