Why Do/Why Don't You Support Communist Ideologies

Posted by: dbushwacker

I've seen people fight over political ideologies all the time, and I've seen quite a few pronounced communist supporters. So I thought hey, why not get them all together to duke it out out a little with other ideologies. I don't know, maybe you all will come to terms with one another.

47 Total Votes

Pro Capitalism

Or other products of Western and founding Greek Ideologies
19 votes


Or separate Ideological thinking
14 votes

Pro Communism

Or other products of Marxists Ideologies
12 votes

Pro Facisism

Or other products of the Post-war Ideologies
2 votes
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dbushwacker says2015-04-28T13:37:35.7335401-05:00
Oh, and if you're Other, please specify what Ideology you follow for future reference.
PetersSmith says2015-04-28T13:42:35.2338496-05:00
Dbushwacker: Refrain from heilbait for the time being, yeah?
Renegader says2015-04-28T14:10:47.0125655-05:00
Please refrain from telling him what polls he can and can't make. Thanks
PetersSmith says2015-04-28T14:11:26.4649898-05:00
Renegader: It's my job, actually.
dbushwacker says2015-04-28T14:12:42.9054798-05:00
Don't worry Renegader, we figured it out, thanks tho. :)
heil58 says2015-04-28T15:17:08.2436260-05:00
Anyone that thinks karl marx 'ideal' society is good is stupid or evil or both
heil58 says2015-04-28T15:17:43.8432824-05:00
I actually think communism would be worse without corruption
heil58 says2015-04-28T16:04:46.5640597-05:00
Who rules over you? Who can’t you criticize? Expose the elephants and be demonized Some Jews, not all Jews are a supremacist force Their race is their nation, and Israel, of course
heil58 says2015-04-28T16:05:40.0326311-05:00
Who do you think should be the next president? A one-legged dwarf with a strange speech impediment? ‘Thrusting’ equality to the very extreme They’ll even make Christmas a sick porno theme Diversity zealots and logicless screechings! Freudo-sexlogists, God-damn their sick preaching’s! Marxist mumbo-jumbo and baloney-filled blabbering’s! Young mind-washed tools and their Jew-nurtured jabbering’s! They critique our society, our history, our traditions Print “Jewish sufferings” gold-leafed editions Hush! The Czar’s dead, White Christians slain Holodomor…, who were Stalin’s executioners again? Quiet! No opium trade or transatlantic slaves No stolen land and Palestinian graves No spies, false flags or sneaky red scheming’s Just “Six Million Victims” and those illusory screamings “Anti-Semites are rising!” the Jews will bemoan But one hand can’t clap all by its own Acquaint thyself and you’ll start to realize Their sweet-sounding slogans are our death in disguise Wherever you find a little White guilt There’s another memorial about to be built “O-vey! The Holocaust! Remember the pain!” Tired of being guilt-tripped? Shriek “Never again!” Deny Jesus died and miraculously rose Win enough fans, you’re a Jew sponsored hero Dare to oppose their historical tales An inquisition for you, and a long stint in jail “You racist, you bigot, you Nazi, you scum You’re just like Hitler. Look what he had done!” I admit, he built a wealthy, united utopia Not a bankrupt, divided, dysgenic dystopia... Our ancestors founded and built this great nation Pioneers, visionaries, vanguards of liberation But the once uniqueness of our civilization Lies disfigured and dying by Jewification This small group of tribal and hostile elite Are dividing and conquering our race while it sleeps Survival’s at stake and resistance overdue Do we fade away to nothing, or oust the ‘you know who’? Thousands of years of diverse evolution Distinct lands, peoples, their own constitution Different beliefs, customs, traditions and laws To suit their own strengths and to match their own flaws So remember... Healthy nations need a well built fence Racial awareness, and a dose of common sense And the secret of living agreeably together? People are tribal, birds of a feather…
Joella says2015-04-29T02:16:16.5383071-05:00
I think communism gives too much power to the government so the people will always get taken advantage of, however --- at least that's how it's shaken down so far, but I also think governments can be currupt with any system of government, I think ideally we'd have kind of an 80/20 of capitalism and socialism where are lot of basics are guaranteed but persuit of greatess is also a freedom that is protected.
debate_power says2015-05-02T11:55:49.7971256-05:00
Communism itself is the absence of a state with absolute economic equality and all property used in common in an egalitarian fashion. Different ideologies wish to achieve communism by different means. Marxist-Leninists wish to form a "vanguard party" to spearhead the revolution they feel will be need to achieve a socialist state that will supposedly decay to a communist society. Anarcho-communists wish to achieve the anarchic egalitarian society immediately. And then there are many, many more.
debate_power says2015-05-02T11:58:31.3586102-05:00
Capitalism contradicts democracy to an extent, and the most blatant example is the way the United States government was meant to be arranged and the way it is today. James Madison and many his contemporaries were in favor of checking democracy in favor of the opulent ruling elite. Our country today is governed by Congress, which is constituted of elected leaders, but is not directly controlled by the American people through majority rule.
debate_power says2015-05-02T12:08:46.2092928-05:00
@Triangle I composed a rap about capitalism... Hey proles, why don't you listen to this. We're the cappies and we get all the shizz. And if you even start to complain, we'll invoke Ayn Rand, Thomas Paine. Who cares if you have your complaints? We've covered by objective morality, and your socialism ain't. (Intermission) Hey, I'm tycoon and I eat Cordon Bleu. Guess what, wage-laborer? I worked harder than you. Now I don't care that you disagree- I got absolute control over my property. I may try to give back- but I'm not required to. And guess what? Now I'm buying up O2. I'm charging premiums for breathing air. You want to respire? You have to pay the fee over there. (Intermission) Ayn Rand, Rand Paul, Milton Friedman, Smith. Don't care about society- altruism is a myth.
debate_power says2015-05-02T12:17:49.2597754-05:00
I decided to extend my rap. 1, 2, here we go. "F*** subsidized health care b****, privatization. I control 2/3 of the world thanks to first appropriation. I went around in a car and stamped my initials. And that's branding, man, that's totally official. 2/3 of the entire Earth is now my property. Word.
CannedBread says2015-06-05T19:42:44.5578611-05:00
You know who I haven't seen in forever? Bigget_Pro_Going.
CannedBread says2015-06-05T19:43:00.3765653-05:00

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