Why do you support LGBT?

Posted by: Jenae.ross

Please leave comment. If you don't support Lgbt, please answer why.

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My feelings say so (I just feel it's the right thing)

129 votes

I don't support it

100 votes

I've grown up supporting it

36 votes

It's complicated....

17 votes

My parents were gay

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Jenae.ross says2016-10-03T14:21:47.1939563Z
Please Comment!
Jenae.ross says2016-10-03T15:08:47.0992325Z
Thank you @sciguy
Anonymous says2016-10-03T15:11:21.1502200Z
@Jenae.Ross - You're welcome!
Knaveslayer99 says2016-10-03T15:11:44.9715727Z
@Sciguy If you believe it to be an abomination to god why do you respect it just interested to see your answer to this.
Anonymous says2016-10-03T15:14:24.9505982Z
It's simple, really. They may be an abomination, however, they are still human beings.
Knaveslayer99 says2016-10-03T15:16:04.4636361Z
@Sciguy I can respect that opinion :P Cheers for replying.
Anonymous says2016-10-03T15:17:50.9343186Z
@Knaveslayer99 - Mind you, there is a large difference between respect and support. You're welcome!
Gareth_BM says2016-10-03T16:01:00.0517154Z
I voted it's complicated because that's the closest thing to my answer but to elaborate I use Act utilitarianism to judge ethical issues such as this. Supporting people's right to act in this way without harming anyone else will make them happy without harming anyone else.
Jenae.ross says2016-10-03T21:02:20.2936740Z
@Gareth_BM, life isn't about making people happy, it's about making the right choices.
Natermon0 says2016-10-03T22:33:44.1500267Z
I simply say this. LGB is fine and I support that to a full extent, but as you may notice T is gone and that is for a reason. Here is why now I'm not going to bring up something like hardcore transgenders getting triggered on Youtube, but I believe changing your gender simply on preference is stupid. As you grow up there are somethings you will have to deal with. The world is a scary place, not everyone is going to like you or accept you, and you are the way you're born. Now that's not entirely true (surgeory) but sometimes you need to accept yourself. Maybe you're short or have red hair I personaly believe that you should accept who you are and how you are. Also if there are any transgenders reading this I don't think you should be gassed or something I simply don't agree with your descision to change your sex.
Jenae.ross says2016-10-03T22:56:48.1128982Z
@Natermon0, That is a really good point on the T part. However, I would have to respectfully disagree with your first sentence.
DeniseGalinato says2016-10-04T02:03:56.5477504Z
GREAT OPINION TO START WITH<.. The public needs to know
Gareth_BM says2016-10-04T06:58:18.9497702Z
As a utilitarian i'd say the right choice is the one that causes minimum suffering and maximum happiness. That is the basic premises of the theory.
Jenae.ross says2016-10-04T10:29:33.8438190Z
@WinterGirl1231, If you are angry at someone, it doesn't mean it's right. Just because you feel its right, doesn't mean it is.
xus00HAY says2016-10-04T11:33:12.5036347Z
Obviously I'm gay, even though I say I not
reece says2016-10-04T17:51:28.3715201Z
@Sciguy Doesn't treating them equal abide respect? Marriage for example.
deacc says2016-10-04T20:41:52.3078103Z
I only support LGB, I don't support T. At least those that thinks they are born in the wrong body.
reece says2016-10-04T22:02:47.6205339Z
@deacc There's the somatic side, and then there's chemical side.
Anonymous says2016-10-04T23:01:38.5315678Z
@Reece - You can decide to respect people in many ways, you needn't respect them in all ways.
kibitz says2016-10-05T00:52:08.8236694Z
Sure I'll support it. I'm not gay or any of the others that fall into that category, but why not support? Many people who do fall under LGBT get so much criticism and harassment and for what? Just because you're straight or cisgender doesn't mean you can dictate how someone else feels. I'm not saying every straight and cisgender person hates LGBT people but we're still not at the point where LGBT won't be scorned by masses of people just because they aren't like the majority (that is straight and/or cisgender). Like why are so many people against LGBT? It doesn't affect your life so stop shunning their lives and telling them how to live.
reece says2016-10-05T00:55:15.2136642Z
@Sciguy So you can cherry pick like you probably do the bible.
ThisIsMyUsername333 says2016-10-05T01:00:49.5082071Z
@kibitz When I saw this poll and voted "no," I didn't do that because I hate gay people, but I don't support the LGBT community/movement. I think they're too hostile towards intellectual diversity, and that they don't focus on real gay issues any more, but that doesn't mean that I don't like gay people. On the other hand, I think transsexualism is a mental illness, but even then, I'm not calling for a government ban on cross-dressing or anything like that. And as for LGBT being oppressed nowadays, let's face it; the only actual discrimination gay people and even trans people ever face is in Muslim countries and lots of Africa, but the LGBT community tends not to focus much in those places, out of fear of being called racists.
anthonypieber says2016-10-05T01:06:39.9488535Z
I do because I'm bisexual
reece says2016-10-05T01:25:04.0771312Z
@ThisIsMyUsername333 Truth is a universal quality. "Intellectual diversity"/opinions aren't necessities for a society to thrive. A lot of the time it's a hindrance. Don't let emotion/ego get in the way of facts.
ThisIsMyUsername333 says2016-10-05T01:44:08.8280693Z
@reece What facts are you talking about? If you're talking about threats gays face, I said in my post that Islam and AIDS are probably the biggest threats they face nowadays, but LGBT tends not to focus on those facts. As for intellectual diversity not being a necessity, look what happened to the Societ Union. They didn't feel that intellectual diversity was necessary, but look how they turned out. Intellectual diversity is necessary because if people only focus on one point of view, things can go down the wrong path. Differing opinions offer new alternatives and help steer societies the right way, as well as offer more intellectual freedom to those with beliefs differing from the norm.
reece says2016-10-05T02:11:29.3033851Z
@ThisIsMyUsername333 1. You said the LGBT community/movement is too hostile towards intellectual diversity. What intellectual diversity are you talking about? 2. There's a difference between feelings and facts. There's a reason why I placed the last sentence. But yes, I do admit people get carried away. It depends how advanced a societies infrastructure is and what incentives are in place. So no, intellectual diversity isn't a necessity. Is it currently required: yes, for most cases.
reece says2016-10-05T02:25:00.1965831Z
@ThisIsMyUsername333 I'll give you an easy example. Is "intellectual diversity" required for trying to understand what shape the Earth is.
ThisIsMyUsername333 says2016-10-05T03:11:42.5049465Z
@reece 1. The term "intellectual diversity" basically just refers to difference of opinion. The current LGBT community is very much progressive left, which I do not have a giant problem with (more of a respectful disagreement), but like a lot of the progressive left, they are very radical and hostile towards people who do not support same-sex marriage, to those who think religious bakers should have the right to bake gay wedding cakes, or to those who oppose transsexualism, to name a few. 2. In response to your question, no, intellectual diversity isn't required to know that the earth is round, but intellectual diversity is required in any society, no matter the infrastructure or incentives, to allow people to think the earth is flat. Even if people are completely wrong on a subject, they should still be allowed to have the freedom to hold their differing opinions, which is what intellectual diversity is. For example, I'm an atheist, and I believe that there is no such thing as a God and therefore any beliefs that say otherwise are, according to me and most of fact, wrong. However, this doesn't mean I can't tolerate any religious people, or associate with them. I have lots of friends who are religious. This is intellectual diversity; the freedom to think different opinions or believe in different systems without fear of government or societal oppression.
reece says2016-10-05T04:13:12.8178022Z
@ThisIsMyUsername333 1. Do you think people who aren't in support of same-sex marriage, transsexualism, etc have sound reasoning and facts to back them up. What did you mean by "to those who think religious bakers should have the right to bake gay wedding cakes"? It doesn't fit within the context you said it in. I think your bias is showing. The American progressive left ("radicals") are neutral in Scandinavian countries policy wise. The American people on average are in favor of "radical" left leaning ideas regardless of what political party they adhere to. What hostility are you talking about? 2. Why would I be talking about incentives if I was alluding to taking away freedom? The lack of differing opinions doesn't necessarily equal the lack of freedom. I think you're purposefully looking for controversy in my arguments. If you take into consideration of what I first said about how differing opinions are not a necessity for a society to thrive, you would understand your last arguments is void.
reece says2016-10-05T04:15:12.7981713Z
Anonymous says2016-10-05T16:04:21.1687283Z
"So you can cherry pick like you probably do the bible." @Reece - No, it is not a matter of cherry-picking- It's about opinion. I certainly don't cherry pick from the Bible, I don't cherry pick Woman, I don't cherry pick the lot of anything. I do, however, have a common sense decency and I won't support the LGBT. Don't be a prick.
RobertMcKeag says2016-10-05T18:05:23.0464785Z
No matter how hard you try to tell yourself you are born that way, it is learned behavior.
Ronin-Thinker says2016-10-05T18:06:35.6493439Z
It is against my religion
reece says2016-10-05T20:45:46.3581660Z
@Sciguy "common sense decency" has historically been barbaric.
reece says2016-10-05T20:49:15.7583083Z
@RobertMcKeag Don't you think what you said is a bit contradictory.
Castiel776 says2016-10-06T20:40:15.3406522Z
I've always been a Catholic, and my parents are both against lgbt, but i've decided that people should be able to love and marry whoever they want. No one wants to be stuck with a spouse they don't love. Nothing good will come from that. So why force people to have straight relationships? #Destiel
Castiel776 says2016-10-06T20:41:34.8699620Z
Also, lgb couples can adopt kids that straight couples give up.
Benediciton101 says2016-10-07T00:49:32.9817339Z
I specifically want to address transgenderism. I see that @Natermon0 has pointed out that changing gender by preference is stupid. Humans are unique; everybody thinks and acts differently. You can't expect humans as a whole species to act and think a certain way (heterosexuality etc ). I can change my gender if I want to, if I want to be. Don't you find transgenderism amazing, actually? I can now become a man if I want to. Is that not extraordinary! The ability to change my gender! For example, there are some who change their gender due to preference; some who change due to society's (depending on environment) warped view on a certain gender, therefore choosing to be the opposite gender; and some who change because they feel that they are not the gender they are right now. If people don't feel like being the gender they are, why not? They can and should by all means if they want, so what's the problem? You don't have to support it. We just wish you could accept us. Us, meaning those in the LGBTQ+ community, who wish not to abide by tradition.
sadolite says2016-10-07T02:43:33.5762438Z
I don't support anyone except people who call themselves an American and nothing else.
spladam says2016-10-07T03:48:13.5863155Z
I think marriage should be about creating children, so if homosexuals are to get married (or any two consenting people for that matter) then it i think it should be for the purposes of raising children.
reece says2016-10-07T03:48:24.3659846Z
@sadolite Do you truly stand by what you've just said? Just think about it for a bit.
sboss18 says2016-10-07T06:44:27.1156941Z
@spladam Yeah, you're right! That's why we don't allow people who are infertile to marry!
Skeptical1 says2016-10-07T06:50:53.7173723Z
Feeling unloved. @sadolite: I could say so much more, but what would be the point?
jaksunmadness says2016-10-07T06:56:55.9984946Z
I don't support gays, i am not gay and it has nothing for me
Gareth_BM says2016-10-07T07:09:14.3044273Z
@sadolite so you don't support someone who calls them selves a member of a religion, agnostic or Atheist? Or someone who considers them selves a member of a political party, or considers their occupation or a hobby as a part of their identity.
deacc says2016-10-07T18:57:53.7763081Z
@reece People are born either female, male or intersex. There is no error of birth. I am fine with those that WISH they were born the opposite sex so long as they know it is just their wish and that the reality is that they are the sex they are born with. Claiming you are a different sex than the born you are born with is delusional.
reece says2016-10-07T22:32:31.7264111Z
@deacc Why are you replying to me? Are you confused about sex and gender? Also, what do you consider a sex change to be?
deacc says2016-10-07T22:38:20.3418458Z
@reece Because my first reply you replied to me. There is no such thing as sex change. You can't. IMO, it is merely a procedure that enables the delusional.
reece says2016-10-07T22:40:30.7742819Z
@deacc Oh, I forgot. Your opinion is wrong. Do a bit of research.
Contra says2016-10-08T17:51:02.9762214Z
So much bigotry on here xD
JustJim97 says2016-10-10T12:19:48.6388634Z
I don't understand why the LGBT community would want approval from those who they perceive as bigots and phobic of their beliefs. I understand that there may be legal and financial disadvantages for marriage not being legally approved but is that really worth causing all this mess? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but they are not entitled to enforce it on others, even if they are truthfully wrong. In fact, I do not understand why everything to do with sexuality is being portrayed as such an open topic in mainstream media when there are so many conflicting perspectives on this topic.
JustJim97 says2016-10-10T12:21:00.3621458Z
I don't understand why the LGBT community would want approval from those who they perceive as bigots and phobic of their beliefs. I understand that there may be legal and financial disadvantages for marriage not being legally approved but is that really worth causing all this mess? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but they are not entitled to enforce it on others, even if they are truthfully wrong. In fact, I do not understand why everything to do with sexuality is being portrayed as such an open topic in mainstream media when there are so many conflicting perspectives on this topic.
Gareth_BM says2016-10-10T17:06:06.8148777Z
If my opinion was that everyone with green eyes must die I am still a monster who should be preventing from burning people alive.
Smake says2016-10-11T18:55:44.0747231Z
I support you all including trans genders due to one simply fact. That fact being spirits don't have genders. Nobody is going to take them tools with them when they make the transition.
PGA says2016-10-11T23:31:53.5181368Z
Because I believe the morality is not a relative, subjective opinion but is grounded in an absolute, objective, unchanging Being who has revealed it is against His will. He created us for a family relationship with a mother and father to nurture us, not two mothers or two fathers. He sanctioned marriage between a man and a woman for this purpose and also because it is a reflection of a greater reality.
Gareth_BM says2016-10-12T16:06:57.3727405Z
Well if the old testament is any judge he also sanctions the unions between one man and multiple woman. How come you don't support that?
caribbean_lesbian_unicorn says2016-10-12T21:28:42.9487073Z
I'm lesbian and proud. I knew I was gay since I was a kid. I knew I was different from the others. It was really hard for me since I was raised in a baptist church where homophobia rains all over the place. But my feelings are my feelings and I'm happy being who I really am.
benhos says2016-10-12T21:41:10.5834998Z
Maybe because... Oh, I don't know, I'm not an arrogant fuck who thinks others are worthless just because they're not like me?
Jenae.ross says2016-10-12T22:43:25.2318397Z
@benhos Christians don't get mad at people, and they certainly don't f*ck people who aren't Christians themselves. It's not fair to make that judgment and it really isn't respectful to a religion. What if I said that about atheists? That wouldn't be appropriate. So please try not to say things that aren't true.
LetUsSpeakAgain says2016-10-13T06:02:00.3631241Z
"My parents were gay," is a ridiculous option. Having gay parents doesn't mean that you inherently support LGBTQ, just as if you parents are both Democrat that doesn't inherently mean you are a Democrat or vise-versa.
LetUsSpeakAgain says2016-10-13T06:09:23.8271668Z
@caribbean_lesbian_unicorn What do you mean you are proud? My problem with LGBTQ(AIIPT+) is that it tells everyone who is different from the norm that they need to be proud to be queer. Does that mean you shouldn't be proud to be non-queer? Celebration of differences is fine, celebration of specific differences and shaming of those who aren't "different" is not fine. When you say your proud to be lesbian, why? The only times you should be proud of yourself it means that you have improved upon yourself. By saying that you are proud to be lesbian it means you believe that being lesbian is better than being straight. I have nothing wrong with queer people, but I do have a problem with LGBTQ.
LetUsSpeakAgain says2016-10-13T06:19:19.2205834Z
@benhos This is exactly why some people, including me, have a problem with LGBTQ, when you say you are better because you support everyone's opinion, but then when someone gives their opinion that they don't support every opinion, you say stuff like, "I'm not an arrogant fuck who thinks others are worthless just because they're not like me?" Who is the one in this situation giving the notion that the other is worth less than you, that one person is better than the other. I have never thought that a gay person is lesser than me based on them being gay. But you on the other hand, because I don't support LGBTQ, say I am, "an arrogant fuck." You are the one being judgmental right now, you are they one being illogical, you are the one being rude, and you are the one being arrogant. You go around searching for people who disagree with so you can call them worthless. I respect your opinion(LGBTQ is good), even though I don't support it. Why is it that you can't respect my opinion but disagree with it. People like you are constantly saying we oppress and push out all queer people, but when you are constantly distinguish groups of people and driving wedges between them, how are we ever going to be united? LGBTQ is the reason any form of queer hate still exists.
LetUsSpeakAgain says2016-10-13T06:23:19.3685228Z
I will not support LGBTQ when they refuse to support religion. Why is it that religion should support LGBTQ, but LGBTQ shouldn't support religion.
LetUsSpeakAgain says2016-10-13T06:28:19.5300469Z
@Contra "So much bigotry on here xD" says the one who most likely hates religion, republicans, non-LGBTQ supporters, and straight white males. I have an important question for you. Can you define "bigotry" for me. Without looking it up. I assume that you are mature enough not to look it up and will use you brain unlike us "ignorant bigots."
mitchko says2016-10-14T20:35:05.6818239Z
Because I support Love.
Cakedragon says2016-10-15T04:36:26.8534797Z
There's no reason to oppose it. No one is affected by LGBT community members other than themselves or anyone who wants to date them.
ThisIsMyUsername333 says2016-10-16T04:05:32.9544046Z
@LetUsSpeakAgain You're on fire in this comments section. Jeez.
Contra says2016-10-16T22:10:25.7451531Z
@LetUsSpeakAgain: I'm sorry you misinterpreted my remarks. I would define bigotry as an "unjustified prejudice against a person or group of people." I respect most religious people, I campaigned for Republicans in the presidential primary and before that, and most of my friends are straight white males. I understand why you could be angry at the LGBTQ movement, too often they focus on identity politics. Even if you disagree with me, your opinions are valid I will respect you as long as you respect me. Nobody should feel ashamed of who are they are, and this absolutely includes straight white males. Feel free to message me if you'd like to discuss this more.
Khons says2016-10-17T15:02:26.4809374Z
The thought of this poll makes me sick, it pisses me off, and if you say it is not against God's will, you are sooooo wrong. In the bible it says many times in new and old that it is wrong to be like that. So if you say it is not against Gods will, it is like saying that the killer clowns are doing the right thing.
Khons says2016-10-17T15:09:55.9042183Z
Also i think that they are just using it to get at Christians, and as some of the other commentators said, if the church (being the body of Christ, which is the people) is supposed to support it, (sorry for my language) then why the Absolute fuck don't they support the church, that is so fucking messed up. And also from personal experience they are assholes to pretty much every Christian, and they try to force it onto people, that is fucked up.
ThisIsMyUsername333 says2016-10-18T03:30:12.9109538Z
This poll is huge! Congratulations to @Jenae.Ross for creating such a popular poll.
sunsetbear says2016-10-18T12:53:56.5184615Z
These aren't real answers. Next time you make a poll don't make the options so opinionated and stupid, it gives skewed results
Jenae.ross says2016-10-18T13:57:23.4108645Z
@sunsetbear, don't be so mean, I had no idea what to put for options...... Make your own if you've got a problem.... Or send me a private message instead of plainly putting it out in the open for everyone....
Anonymous says2016-10-18T16:10:20.0227963Z
@Jenae.Ross - The only reason this poll is popular is because this is the only poll that is going to remain seen on the front page forever; polls and opinions are broken. If it were not for the negligence of the sites owners, Juggle, this poll would have died around 40 votes.
katepearl12 says2016-10-18T20:42:19.8967469Z
There's no reason for people to decided that somebody else shouldn't have the same rights as them because of what they identify as. Everybody has natural rights, and just like these rights, we were born with the sexuality/gender that we identify as; it's not a choice so we shouldn't be judged as if it is.
UnauthorizedRosin says2016-10-18T21:56:59.0328018Z
I have selected "it's complicated" because it seems like picking the other option that could possibly apply to me is saying that it is purely based on feelings to support it and not any reasoning. This may have been accidental, however. Anyways, my reasoning for it is that nothing is inherently good or inherently bad, it depends on the happiness or pain it causes. Being homosexual does not harm anyone else. An argument against homosexuality is that homosexuals will not reproduce. This argument is irrelevant because right now we are certainly not in danger of the population dying off. In fact, many places have over-population problems and the ones that don't will not be hurt if it went down a bit. Additionally, homosexuality is very much most likely to not be a choice or controllable. One explanation for it is that it is biological and determined at birth, like any other trait, that does not pass down through genes. (The concept itself is long to explain....If you would like an article explaining it more in depth, I can provide it.) If we follow this idea, then that means that the amount of homosexuals in a population is always a limited amount that will not increase and will always be significantly smaller than the heterosexual population. This means that the population will not be in danger of dying out completely unless something happens that the population would urgently need an astronomically large amount of reproduction. Even if it is decided that this idea is not true, then homosexuality taking over and reducing the population detrimentally is still incredibly unlikely considering there isn't a large reason to make oneself homosexual nor would it be very possible for society to turn most everyone gay. An evidence refuting the possibility of a society that turns people gay is that in most societies it is heterosexual dominated, however, there are still gay people. Children of homophobic parents still become gay. Society doesn't make them straight, so a society cannot make people gay. Therefore, even without the idea that homosexuality is limited due to biology, it would not make sense for homosexuality to be a threat to the human population. Since there is no harm caused, it does not make sense to say it's bad just because it feels icky to someone.
gameguyben1 says2016-10-19T18:28:44.6755172Z
I do not support gays or trans gender it is a violation to god and the bibal
Debator3678 says2016-12-05T14:19:08.3771498Z
I believe in "love who you love, be who you want to be" If you want to be a boy/girl it doesnt matter to me. Ya'll can't see me but i'm wearing a safety pin. Those who need it will know what it is. Its your life, its your choice. Nobody else's
Debator3678 says2016-12-05T14:20:12.6615827Z
I believe in "love who you love, be who you want to be" If you want to be a boy/girl it doesnt matter to me. Ya'll can't see me but i'm wearing a safety pin. Those who need it will know what it is. Its your life, its your choice. Nobody else's
Em5206 says2019-10-18T21:31:28.7110167Z
I have bisexual friends, Lesbian friends and family, And gay friends and family.
Em5206 says2019-10-18T21:32:45.9778167Z
I have bisexual friends, Lesbian friends and family, And gay friends and family.
Em5206 says2019-10-18T21:32:59.1130167Z
I have bisexual friends, Lesbian friends and family, And gay friends and family.
Em5206 says2019-10-18T21:33:20.9218167Z
I have bisexual friends, Lesbian friends and family, And gay friends and family.

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