Why does it matter to you if someone else gets an abortion

Posted by: kain_kaggabe

For all you pro-life people.

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It's murder and murder is wrong

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I'm pro-choice

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Abortion provides another opportunity for people to have sex without consequence.

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There is no god

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Children are a blessing

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Before first trimester baby has no nerve cells. After that the baby has a brain and can feel.

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I'm a man and shouldn't be involved except on a personal level

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I'm pro-abortion(not pro-choice) because abortion is great for teens who had faulty birth control

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You should trust in god even if you will end up miserable in this life

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Have too many poor and unwanted children as it is

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An unwanted child is much more likely to be abused, and in turn abuse

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Population Control

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Huh, I guess it doesn't affect me

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Sex without the goal of procreation is a sin.

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Need a steady supply of disposable serfs

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God should be in charge of life and death without mortal interference

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Arget says2017-01-24T00:19:54.1825720Z
In a perfect world we would be able to ensure all children are cared for and grow up happy, healthy,with equal opportunities, with decent morals, without facing a struggle just to survive as an adult, and able to be a productive member of society. In a perfect world there would be no rape, incest, unfixable genetic defects, a mothers life would never be in danger, and carrying a child to term or raising a child to adulthood would not negatively effect a mothers or families quality of life. In a perfect world nobody would even think about an abortion because there is no reason to. Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world, no matter how much I wish we did.
Amarandum says2017-02-18T07:17:49.7517543Z
I find the appeal to rape and incest a non-issue in light of the fact that Planned Parenthood's own numbers say rape and incest cases account for less than one percent of the abortions they provide. Even if they were a higher percentage, would we really let the sins of the father dictate the life of the child? What kind of dark, Yahweh-esque morality would that be?
brinzahar says2017-02-24T13:26:57.1596950Z
I am pro-choice in the first few months but after that I believe that baby is too far gone into development to abort it. There are so many positive reasons to get an abortion (rape, minor, physically or mentally cannot handle going through carrying a child or labour even with meds, woman with drug addictions, etc).
123maxabc says2017-03-21T23:21:57.1382176Z
If it's for some dumbass liberals who have sex when they're 10, then FUCK NO, that should be illegal. If it's because a women can't physically do it because of something or because of rape, then its sort of an option.
Thescarecrow066 says2017-03-22T00:06:36.9043415Z
They claim that the whole abortion process is for the raped and incest. Yet it is still proven that the first woman to get an abortion was not raped but persuaded to kill their child to support the cause, it is evil. I do not support evil.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-07-10T04:09:38.5896289Z
Anybody notice the guy who doesn't think men should be involved? Bruh, if a women gets to choose wether to kill the kid, than by that logic the dad should decide whether or not to pay child support XD
Modis says2018-02-11T03:48:04.2025021Z
Brain structures necessary for conscious experience of pain for a baby inside do not develop until about 29-30 weeks,the baby has no idea... A fetus is unlikely to ever experience traditional consciousness.. People must stop portraying those people that are pro abortion as some type of murderers or something. I feel like alot of this is something to do more with religion rather than your opinion.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-02-14T04:54:55.3028483Z
Modis, the baby is 1. Alive :it fits all seven categories which describes life. 2. It is human: every strand of DNA is that of a human being unless it has been mutated. 3. It is it's own being: though it's nourishment comes from the mother for a time, it has its own DNA and is completely separate from the woman. None of these arguments are false and all of them are logical. You're idea that people are portraying pro abortion individuals as murderers is incorrect however. The vast majority of the pro life movement sees the pro choice movement as misinformed as there is no logical reason to proceed with an abortion unless the child is certain to die is and the pregnancy is so far ahead that it would not gradually be removed through natural processes.
melcharaz says2019-03-16T04:02:24.3359814Z
There are many impacts to society through continued use of abortion. I posted links on a debate i had with someone about outlawing it in the us.

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