Why is india such a bad country?

Posted by: jyotipatel

I am an Indian and I want to this country suffers from everyday cases of scams, rapes, economic instability and corruption. This is a country where cases of discrimination, racism are so common. Women are nothing but sex slaves to the cowardly men who term themselves as brave and bold. I am so tired that I think leaving this country would be a fantastic idea

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Yes,I agree.But,some other countries are also bad

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Many countries are still more worst.

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If you go around the globe once, analyze the people of all the countries.

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Formerland1 says2014-07-15T09:25:13.2964193-05:00
I'm interested does India have what the western world would consider middle class . Because from what I've heard ( I've never actually been to India ) people are mainly very rich or very poor .
jyotipatel says2014-07-15T09:35:00.0699524-05:00
@formarland.. Many poor people and rich too..
Formerland1 says2014-07-15T10:09:23.5774474-05:00
Yes I know that but is there a middle class.
jyotipatel says2014-07-15T10:11:51.1536982-05:00
Yes, There is a middle class too.But,poor people are very high in some cities.. :(
Nandani09 says2014-07-15T10:50:38.6168167-05:00
I am an Indian too. India isn't a bad country. The people make it bad and there are still other countries worst/bad than our nation. You shouldn't think like this. We people have to try together to improve the condition of our nation, it's just polluted that too by us. "MODI SARKAR!!!!"
jyotipatel says2014-07-16T02:22:08.3025717-05:00
@Nandani09 Hey,why I shouldn't think like that? This is a real fact.So,That's the reason why i made this poll.The question is not about who made it bad or iam not thinking anything and I always try to improve the condition. And finally you told that "MODI SARKAR!!!!" what about that?
jyotipatel says2014-08-13T02:53:54.5012345-05:00
Hi former Yeah,There are all kinds of people in India. May I know what is ur definition for middle class? :)
aren says2015-01-24T09:26:30.7018076-06:00
Indian laws make it bad...Gender discriminating laws and laws for rich & powerful people makes this bad. The country that has no good laws can never be a good country.
satveer says2016-05-02T20:22:21.4237807Z
Yes I also hate India and their politicians. They are very corrupted people in whole world.
gfds7676 says2019-06-19T14:34:30.5190427Z
Fuck india. . . Such a disgusting country.
gfds7676 says2019-06-19T14:35:21.8943433Z
Fuck India. . . Such a disgusting country.

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