Why is politics such a controversial topic?

Posted by: Cassie412

There are more politics debates here than any other subject, including religion, and political polls come second only to miscellaneous. Why is this?

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Politics involves a lot of far extremes.

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People have the strongest opinions about how power should be used

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People like arguing. Why not about politics?

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Who knows? Politics is a crazy game.

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Cold-Mind says2014-07-31T13:34:59.4556431-05:00
Debates about politics have very practical results. They are most useful debates. For example, debates are best way to decide who to vote for.
1814Username says2014-07-31T14:29:46.0766435-05:00
All politicians are the same. They promise things they never can deliver and make their promises based on demographics. At the end of the day, all politics does is divide the strength of the masses, which is exactly what those in power want. A house divided will not rebel.
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-31T14:42:22.9663860-05:00
No, not all politicians are the same. Conservative politicians are quite obviously less concerned with helping the people.
1814Username says2014-07-31T14:52:19.9330787-05:00
True, but liberal politicians, make programs and then make so many restrictions to those programs that they really don't help.

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