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dmussi12 says2014-07-02T16:16:20.5048970-05:00
Why must food be cooked to sufficient temperatures? YES. Why do people speed up at yellow lights instead of slow down? NO. Why do can openers not always work the first time around the can? NO. Why do some people incorrectly structure polls? YES.
briantheliberal says2014-07-02T16:54:59.7148899-05:00
How do you answer this question with "yes" or "no" options?
gotleib says2014-07-02T17:14:36.0179331-05:00
How high are you? Yes... That is how bad this question was worded...
yetifivepecks says2014-07-16T00:38:36.3551231-05:00
This is not a yes and no question.

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