Why Is The Thought Of An Existing God Illogical?

Posted by: pozessed

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A God is not necessary to explain anything the universe

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God does exist

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I just want proof. Give me good and logical proof of gods or Jesus' existence and i will believe but so far all i have seen is a book that has exsisted for hundreds of years but could have been written by a random person and pain in the world to people who dont deserve it so why should i believe in god?

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According to the multiverse theory anything is possible so therefore god is possible but maybe not in this universe

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Suffering and turmoil exist, and this negates the notion that God is omni-benevolent and unconditionally loving. That leaves the possibility that God is not so gentle and kind, which (vulnerable) humans find unattractive.

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The concept itself is not illogical but no deductive proof put forth so far in history has been logically sound.

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Because he wouldn't have created someone that would ask such a loaded question.

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"Existing" was unnecessary

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Suffering and turmoil exist so God can not exist

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Snoopninja321 says2013-09-18T19:44:35.9301909-05:00
That's not true god made all of us and gave you to your mother
Godless520 says2013-09-18T19:48:33.2100756-05:00
Oh really,so your saying god impregnated my mother! How dare you XD
Juan_Pablo says2013-09-18T21:21:57.8129089-05:00
There is nothing illogical about God existing. The real issue is that humans demand a God who places them at the center of all life, and who omni-benevolent and unconditionally loving to them. When humans recognize that this cant be the case, they take great offense to it, and would rather reject the possibility that an alternative not-all-too-benevolent God exist.
Juan_Pablo says2013-09-18T21:22:35.0336899-05:00
. . . And who is omni-benevolent, I mean to say.
pozessed says2013-09-18T22:47:38.5995444-05:00
All multiverses are supposedly intertwined with each other somehow to my understanding. If that is true, and an omnipotent God exists in one of them wouldn't a God exist in all of them? If there are infinite universes, wouldn't that incorporate infinite omnipotent Gods?
abyteofbrain says2013-10-03T14:26:34.3182697-05:00
In no way does the existence of pain and suffering disprove a God. If you're referring to the biblical God, pain and suffering are consequences of sin. Even if we were created and ruled by a cruel god, serving him is all that would matter.

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